Tribal Chic Office/Studio Reveal


Hello and welcome to my chic tribal office/studio room reveal!  Week 6 of the One Room Challenge hosted by Linda of Calling it Home is finally here and I am beyond excited to share this space with you all!  Guys, getting this room done in time for the reveal today almost made me a crazy person.  It has been a very stressful last couple of weeks and I absolutely could not have completed this room without the help of my amazing mom and sisters who helped with Nash on several occasions when I needed to make some real progress.  Because painting a rug with a 9 month old is hard and/or impossible.

Okay, on to the room reveal!  I love, love, love before and afters so let’s take a look back to where the room started about a year and a half ago when we bought our house.



Not the best photos, but you get the idea.  Basically we were looking at tan walls, a tan ceiling, and green bead board.  This room is in the basement and has poor lighting, so this was by far the darkest room in the entire house.

Here is the space now:



This space is not only my office, but also my art studio!  I love painting with pastels and this old easel is perfect for what I need.  I filled the metal cart with art supplies rather than keeping the supplies tucked away in the closet.  Now the supplies are close at hand for making art!


I spray painted this old metal desk “ballet slipper” pink by Krylon and I think it really fits in the space.  I dressed up the ghost chair with a fun tassel throw pillow from Target.  I love how you can see the throw pillow through the ghost chair!  Ghost chairs are so unique and quirky!

The wall design was done with a gold sharpie paint pen!  Check out the Teen Desert Modern Room where I did a LONG wall with this design in black!

I wanted this room to be not only beautiful, but functional as well.  This space turned out really fun and very functional, so I am satisfied!  My husband built a wooden top for this metal accent table for my printer so it doesn’t take up space on top of my desk!



While planning out the room design, I decided a faux roman shade would be perfect for this wide window.  The moment I hung the first roman shade I made out of pineapple print fabric, I knew I didn’t like it.  The print was too small and the shade wasn’t stiff enough.  I knew it needed to be fixed.  I love the new one (above) SO much more!  We made it a little different than the first one and it is now very stiff and smooth… not to mention this new fabric print fits so much better in the space!


Here is a view from the doorway of the office/studio.


Here is a close up view of the rug I painted.  This project was by far the most stressful part of this room makeover!  I didn’t realize that it would take as long as it did when I started.  I love how the rug turned out though; it really ties the room together.  Next time i will definitely look into buying a new rug over painting such a complicated design on a huge rug like this… haha.


This midcentury school desk had been in the family for a while and I was so excited to give it new life!  The metal legs of the desk and chair had been painted dark brown.  The paint was chipping and dull.  I spray painted all the metal parts of the desk and chair my favorite antique metallic gold.  This is the first gold desk I have ever seen and it’s just so rad and unique!  This is Nash’s own special little space in my office.  Once he is a little older, this will be the perfect place for him to color and play while I paint or draw!


This long shelf runs the entire length of this wall and I had so much fun styling it!  It was a little bit challenging to style a shelf so long, but I am happy with how it turned out.


Let’s enjoy some detail photos of the space…




I am such a nerd for saving these Alex and Ani cards, but I love their jewelry!  I like how each piece of jewelry has a special meaning.  I tacked a few of my favorites up to remind myself of the positive things the symbols stand for and to remember to live my life with positivity!  I also decided to tack up my tassel from nursing school graduation, because that was a huge accomplishment in my life.  Of course a picture of newborn Nash also needs to be in view while I’m working!









This Boho wall hanging was so easy to make, check out the tutorial here!




I hope you love this office/studio room reveal as much as I do!  I am so relieved to finally be done with this space and excited to actually use it!  Thanks to Linda from Calling it Home to allow us guest design bloggers participate in the amazing room makeover challenge!  Check out the amazingly talented invited design bloggers spaces here.  Also be sure to check out the other guest bloggers spaces here!  There are some amazing rooms in this challenge, you will not be disappointed!  Check out my full source list below to see where you can find some of the fun stuff in my office/studio!




Desk area:

Desk: thrifted //  floor lamp: thrifted  // desktop card catalog: thrifted from Home Again  // zebra art canvas: Hobby Lobby //  Gold metal desktop organizer: Nate Berkus for Target  // Gold paper/book holder: Target (old) // binder clip dish: Target //  Gold clock: Target // Cactus art print: Lila & Lola // Gray picture frame for cactus print: Ikea // Cork board: Ikea // Ghost Chair: Lexmod on Amazon // Throw pillow: Target // Calendar printable: Jessica Says Designs // Cactus and pot: Cactus and Tropicals

Nash’s Desk Area:

Desk & Chair: old // small clock: Ikea // Notebook: Homegoods // Black picture ledge: Ikea // Alphabet art print: That Little Dude  // Black/white art: Ikea // Picture frames: Ikea // Snake plant: Home Depot // White pot for snake plant: Ikea

Art Area:

Easel: old // Metal cart: Ikea // Paintbrush holder: Homegoods // Leather swivel chair: thrifted

Shelf Area: 

Magazine holder: Nate Berkus for Target // Gold Starburst: Hobby Lobby // Potted fern: Cactus and Tropicals // Pineapple art print: Lila and Lola // Black/white modern art print: Lila and Lola // All picture frames: Ikea // Pink zebra painting: done by me when I was a kid // wooden person figure: Ikea // Gold geometric heart: Hobby Lobby


White walls: Sherwin Williams white base with 3 oz added white pigment for coverage // Black wall above shelf: Sherwin Williams “Iron Ore”  // Wall design: gold Sharpie paint pen  //  Desk: Krylon spray paint “Ballet Slipper”  //  Little desk and printer table: Design Master Antique Gold spray paint

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  1. You did such a great job! The room is filled with so much personality! I really love the fabric you chose for the blind. It looks like a fun place to create in!

  2. Love that your office is so girly and chic! I really like the wall treatment you did and that roman shade is awesome! Congrats and CHEERS to us for another room done!

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