Thrifting Post No. 1: Leather Swivel Chair

So thrifting is a huge part of my life and design style.  I love the thrill of a great thrifting find.  And I love even more the money saved by thrifting!  When I purchase a used item for cheap, I don’t feel guilty about experimenting with it, throwing on a new coat of paint or repurposing the item to use for something unique and fun.  If it doesn’t work out, no biggie because it was like $2 right haha.  I’ll be honest, my thifting excursions have been basically nonexistent since Nash was born.  The thought of taking him into a DI makes me a freak a little, because thrifting can be dirty and germy.  I’m hoping to get back into the game soon.  Successful thrifting is a combination of putting in the time, persistence, a creative mind, ability to see potential in something, and luck!

I decided to highlight one of my thrifting scores today that I found at DI about a year ago.  This fun little leather swivel chair was $6!  I love how it’s a little bit school house, kind of industrial, a tad bit midcentury (even though it’s not), and sort of quirky.  I use it in my office/art studio and it is so comfortable to sit in while I work or sketch.


I was so excited about this find and (for once) didn’t have to question it and try and convince myself I needed it.  I just knew right away it was for me!  Thrifting scores like this make all the other unsuccessful trips worth the effort!  Oh, P.S.— isn’t that plaid blanket to die for???  Plaid is all the rage right now;)

Here are some places where I thrift and have had success:

1. DI (thrift store similar to Goodwill)
2. Yard sales
3. Facebook online yard sales
4. the occasional antique or consignment store


I hope this post gets people excited about thrifting!  I will be doing occasional thrifting posts highlighting different thrifting scores of mine!  So stay tuned!



Leather swivel chair:  DI
Woven basket: Ross
Monochromatic world map: poster website online (sorry can’t remember exactly which website)
Blanket: old

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