Thoughts on Motherhood

Hey everyone!  So I thought I would post something just a little bit different than I normally do with Mother’s Day coming up this Sunday.  The other day I was listening to The Eagles station on Pandora while I slaved away at painting the rug (if you follow me on instagram, you know the grief this little project has given me), for the One Room Challenge I’m participating in.  Nash was sitting on the living room floor with his toys and started to fuss and reach for me.  I picked him up and right then the song came on by The Eagles called The Best of My Love.  I know the song is about a couple having trouble, etc but part of the chorus says, “Oh sweet darlin’, you get the best of my love.”  All I could think about is how much I love Nash–more than I can express.  He really does “get the best of my love”.  He is my whole world.  If you don’t know this song, look it up and listen to it!


It’s no secret I love interior design and creating beautiful spaces… but my best, most beautiful creation by far is my little boy Nash.  He captured my heart on day one and has never let go.  My life since Nash’s birth 9 months ago has been the happiest and best days of my life!  Of course raising a baby is no easy task and we have had plenty of hard nights and tired days but I wouldn’t trade it for anything.  His dark blue eyes, dimples, contagious smile, and crazy blonde hair make me smile every day!


I think as moms, we easily beat ourselves up for not being perfect.  It’s easy to compare ourselves to all the “perfect” moms, but in reality there are none.  Being a mom and wife is a tough job.  It can be hard to find the perfect balance between household chores and projects, playing with your kids and giving them attention, cooking dinner, working (out of the home or in the home), and finding time for yourself.  Being a mom myself makes me wonder how my own mom did so much and kept it all together.  She is truly amazing!


So I am a list person.  I love to make lists for everything I want to accomplish that day and then draw a big line through the task when it’s done.  My lists are generally unrealistic.  Because in real life, having a 9 month old baby doesn’t allow for deep cleaning every square inch of the house, cleaning the inside of the car, finishing the 12 currently pending home décor/blog projects, cooking amazing dinners, getting all the shopping done, oh and weeding that dang flowerbed that I notice every time I look out the window while washing dishes–all in 1 day.  The limitations of things I can get done each day since being a mom has been one of the biggest adjustments for me.  And it’s been hard.  I’ve had to learn to let some things go because Nash needs my love and attention.  It just takes one look into his little eyes and I realize he is all that really matters!


To all the amazing moms out there: trying your best really does count!  So give yourself a little credit and try to smile more and enjoy the moment.  Because time really does fly away from us!  Hug your babies and remember what a miracle they are.  I’m so grateful to all the special moms I’ve had the honor of being close to throughout my life; there are many.


I love my little family more than anything and I’m so happy that I have my supportive husband Dax to ride along this crazy journey of life with me and Nash.  There is no place I would rather be than with these two boys of mine!  Happy Mother’s Day mammas!

Photos by my wonderfully talented friend Tayten Kenzie Photography!




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