The One Room Challenge: Office/Art Studio

Hey everyone!  I’m posting super late on a Thursday night but today has been more than a little busy.  Between chasing Nash and spring cleaning my house, the day just flew by!  Soooo has anyone heard of The One Room Challenge?  I hadn’t until just recently and I am so excited about it!

The challenge is hosted by Linda of Calling it Home.  Twenty design bloggers are chosen to participate and transform a room in 6 weeks!  Each week they post about their progress.  Who doesn’t love dramatic before and after room transformations???  Here are all the design bloggers chosen to partipate in the Spring 2016 ORC.


But anyone with a blog can join as a guest participant–and that’s what I have decided to do!  So I have 6 weeks to totally makeover a room.  I have chosen to transform my……

Office and Art Studio Space!!!!!!!!!!

I’m not sure if it can even be called that yet.  It has tried to function as an office but has been sorely neglected.  It always seems to be the last room on my list to clean and organize, and yes, decorate and remodel.  I could really use a functional and beautiful work space in my home and so that is my goal.  Ultimate function+beauty.  This little baby is getting ALL my attention for the next 6 weeks… along with my other baby Nash of course!

This room was a bedroom for two boys before we bought the house.  It’s located in the basement and part of the ceiling drops low– which can be a little bit of a design challenge.





These were the only before pictures I could dig up, not the best quality.  The walls were tan, ceiling was tan, and the bead board wall was very green.

Several months after we moved in (which was August of 2014) I repainted the walls to look like this:


The bright white paint really brightened up the space.  I love the contrast of the black and white (the black paint is Sherwin Williams Iron Ore).  Before the white paint, this room was by far the darkest room in the house, especially with the drop down ceiling painted tan and the poor lighting.

This little project also happened to one wall shortly after I painted the walls white…


And that’s where everything stopped.  I had big plans for the space but never finished it.  It has since become a room to collect junk and half-finished projects.

I feel like I have a good canvas to start with and I am excited to make this a functional and beautiful office.  I am also a pastel artist and really need to get this space working as a little studio as well!

You can find the links to the invited design bloggers HERE and the links to other guest bloggers HERE.  Follow along on instagram #ORC!  Check back every Thursday when all the bloggers will be posting their progress!

I’m not going to lie… I’m pretty nervous and I hope I can create an amazing space worthy of even being linked to this challenge!  Keep following along!



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