Teen Glamour Bedroom Design Plan & Before Pictures

Hey everyone!  I am so excited to share the design plan for my little sister Liberty’s room makeover.  Liberty is my 13 year old baby sister and she is so cute!  I would describe Liberty as being proper, refined, and neat.  She likes pretty things.  She is a dancer.  She is so good with Nash and all babies–she is a natural little mother.  I have been very anxious to help her design her room ever since I did my other sister Shelby’s Teen Desert Modern room makeover.  Liberty’s room will be VERY different from Shelby’s; it is so fun for me to design rooms across a wide spectrum.

My other sister Aly was recently married and moved out of my parent’s house this summer.  Check out her Boho wedding here.  So Liberty moved into what I would consider the best room in the house.  I would know… at one point it was mine:)  It’s BIG.  Three windows and a walk in closet.. with a window.  A lot of room there to design.  Here are some before pictures of the space:





The space is empty, blah, and in need of some serious design help!  I am so excited to tackle this room and make it amazing for Liberty.  I made a little mood board and so all of you can visualize what my plan is… here it is!!


Gorgeous, am I right?  The plan:

  1. Color scheme: Royal/Navy blue, blush pink, light gray, white, with gold accents
  2. Blue velvet tufted headboard (DIY)
  3. Long blush pink curtains for all three windows
  4. Large, neutral area rug
  5. Dance bar (why not??!!)
  6. Great art


My goal is to make Liberty’s room sophisticated, beautiful, refined, glamorous, and lovely.  Keep checking back for updates on this space, you won’t want to miss this!






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