Teen Desert Modern Bedroom Reveal


Hi everyone!  I am SOOOOOO excited to share this bedroom reveal with you all!  I have had so much fun designing this room and putting it all together.  This is my 17 year old sister Shelby’s bedroom, and it got a major makeover!  Okay, so can I just say that Shelby is awesome!  She is so adventurous and fearless and I wanted that to reflect in her room design!  I decided to go with a modern-desert feel and throw in some fun colors!

Here are some before pictures of the space.  The walls were painted light gray about a year ago to try and modernize the space.  But it just wasn’t working in this room!  Very little wall decor.  Very blah. This room did not reflect Shelby’s personality at all!



Note the frumpy pink love sac….  I promised her I would replace this with more stylish seating that would be comfortable enough that she would not miss this big blob.  Love sacs just don’t compliment any room!

Before we started all of this, I sat down with Shelby and asked her what she really liked and what she didn’t.  She was pretty easy going about it all and trusted that I would make it awesome.  I wanted her to be surprised, so she didn’t see the room until it was completed, which was so much fun!  Also, I really need to thank my mom who helped a ton  with pulling this off!

Things she really wanted in the space:

1.  A sharpie wall design ( I have a similar one in my office/studio and she loved it)
2.  Incorporation of deer antlers

Here is the new, updated space…. Enjoy!

We painted the walls bright white because this room is in the basement with very little natural light, as the window well is very deep.  Then I drew on the design with a black Sharpie Paint Pen.  This wall is long, like 18 feet long.  So it took ALL DAY to get this design up.  I discovered this sharpie wall design from Vintage Revivals, she is amazing!  We moved the bed to the opposite wall so it would be a focal point when entering the room.
We painted the metal bed frame with black spray paint and it looks so good!  I ordered a simple white blanket off of Amazon for the bedspread.  We found the gray fabric (it has tiny triangles on it) at Hobby Lobby and my mom whipped up some pillow cases.  In like 5 minutes.  And they are perfect.  Because she is just cool like that.
That ottoman.  Oh, that ottoman.  I found it on a facebook yardsale site and requested to purchase it 4 minutes after it was posted.  It’s a good thing I did, because apparently there was a line up of people after me wanting this bad boy.  I paid $25 for it and it’s OLD.  Very sturdy with a solid wood frame.  I think it makes the perfect addition in Shelby’s room!  And honestly, I almost kept it for myself once I got it home.  It’s that good.
My inspiration with this room all started with the black and pink falsa blanket that Shelby already had.  I LOVE falsa blankets, they are just beautiful and southwest and hip.  I knew this blanket needed to be a focal point.  I then tied that same pink color in throughout the space.  The pink throw pillow is from Homegoods.
This dresser is super affordable and from Ikea.  It comes in all natural wood with little wooden knobs. I decided to keep the legs and top natural (we just put a protective finish over it) and painted the rest of it white.  I love the look of natural wood, white, and copper.  Soooo we made some pretty awesome copper pipe drawer pulls.  And you guys, they are SO easy to make!  I found this particular design while searching ideas on pinterest.  You can find it on the blog Mountain Modern Life.
The Marilyn Monroe/Andy Warhol inspired painting was done by yours truly.  When I was like 13 years old haha!  I found it while digging through my old art portfolios and thought it would be a fun addition to the space.  The wire clothes hamper is from Hobby Lobby.
The deer antlers above the bed are super special because this was Shelby’s first buck!  I told you she’s adventurous!  The cactus print and “Be You” prints are from a rad Etsy shop called Lila+Lola.  I fell in love with their designs right away!
I came up with these fun shelves and they were so easy and inexpensive to make.  We spray painted the Home Depot brackets with copper colored metallic spray paint.
We did the same copper pipe drawer pulls on this Ikea Rast nightstand and also added some little legs to improve the overall design.  The lamp is from Wal Mart and the cactus is from Home Depot.
The black butterfly chair is from Target and super comfortable. The padding on it is like 4 inches thick!  It’s the perfect place for Shelby to kick back, put up her feet, and relax!
Let’s look at some detail pictures, shall we?
ZZ15 ZZ16
The curtains are made out of a white sheet with some added trim!
I made this fun bag and jewelry hanger out of a wooden dowel and copper fittings from Home Depot.  Also inspired by Vintage Revivals!
 This magnet board used to be mine years ago.  We gave it a fresh coat of paint and let Shelby slap pictures all over it.  Of course every 17 year old needs a place to do that!  To get an idea of the layout of this room, I’ll explain a couple things.  The room is long and narrow.  Directly across from the bed is Shelby’s TV mounted on the wall, to the left of that is the magnet board, and to the right of that is the dresser and clothes hamper.  I didn’t photograph the TV because there are currently cords everywhere, etc.


The wooden tray is from Hobby Lobby.  I found the spinning caddy at Target a long time ago on clearance, we spray painted it black.
This crazy little wall hanging is actually a floor rug that I bought on clearance at an Alco store that was closing.  I had no idea what I would do with it haha.  So it sat in my storage for several years and I found it while digging through my collection of unused home decor (which takes up an entire room in my basement, mind you).  I found a drastically marked down fabric scrap of faux leather at Hobby Lobby and cut out the design for the middle to give it more of a Southwest vibe.
All of the books on these shelves I pulled off of my parent’s book shelf.  Other items are thrifted like the basket and camera (both from the junk/antique shop Nook and Cranny)
The concrete planter with fake succulents is from Ross.  I love fake succulents!  So awesome to not have to worry about the upkeep!
The pink string lights are from Target.  The wooden book holder is from Hobby Lobby and the white/wooden “S” is from Micheal’s Craft.
ZZ24^Check out these three cuties^
And that’s it!  I can honestly say I am so happy with the way this room turned out!  Shelby loves it too, which is the most important thing!  More posts to come with tutorials, etc!


6 thoughts on “Teen Desert Modern Bedroom Reveal

  1. Wow this is such a beautiful room and I love that you put it together for your sister. I know my teen room wasn't even close to being this cool. I am also loving the copper pipes you used on the dresser and nightstand. That's one of my favorite details in our bedroom so thanks for the shout out 🙂


    1. Thanks, I still love this room! Every time I see another little rug or any kind of similar thing to this I think about the potential is has to be on a wall lol. I did a similar thing with a small woven placemat in my living room, it’s pretty cute!

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