Inexpensive Art Prints that I Love

So I’m a little crazy about art prints!  Especially prints that can be printed the moment you download them.  I’m not a patient person sometimes haha.  For pretty much every room I’ve done a makeover on, I’ve went to Etsy and searched for the perfect art prints to complete the room.  There are seriously so many to pick from in every style you can imagine.  I want to share with you some of my favorite art prints I’ve discovered on Etsy lately.  And a bonus… they are all so affordable!


I love how simple this black and white forest print is!  It’s so moody and dramatic; I think it would look good really big.  It is an instant download and SO affordable.


I’m more than a little bit obsessed with cacti…. I think everybody knows this haha.  So this cacti watercolor print is absolute perfection!  Also an instant download.


I love this Copenhagen city map and I think this would look great really big hanging on the wall.  This site has maps of many cities, including Paris and New York.  Annnnnd it’s an instant download.


This watercolor buffalo print is so beautiful!  I love the simplicity of it.  We go to Jackson, WY every year and so whenever I see a buffalo print I think of Jackson and the Tetons.  I’m very tempted to buy this for my living room, but I have been planning on painting one myself from an inspiration photo I took of some buffalo while we were in Jackson last year.  And I think that would be a little more special.  This is an instant download and CHEAP.


This New York City taxi print is so much fun.  Aren’t taxis just cute haha?  This one is not an instant download but it’s still pretty affordable.  The sizes available range from 8×10 to 24×36.


This mid century style mountain scene print is so unique.  Something different from traditional mountain scene artwork.  This one is not an instant download and is a tiny bit more pricey but still not too bad.  The sizes range from 10×10 to 24×24.  This would look awesome BIG.


I’m not a big lover of “quote prints”.  I feel like sometimes people go a little crazy with quote prints and decor and it’s just too many words.  Too busy.  But I really do love this one.  Very minimalist and I love the message.  This is an instant download.


I’ve been loving “modern western” looks lately and this Native American paint splatter print matches that vibe perfectly.  This is an instant download.


Another perfect cactus print!  This would look amazing HUGE taking up an entire wall haha.  It probably can’t be printed that big, but it’s so good- am I right??  Instant download!


Isn’t this hedgehog print so adorable??  It would look very cute in a nursery or kids’ room.  Again, I love how minimal this print is–very simple and to the point.  This is an instant download.

Many printables can be printed pretty large and they still look really good.  Just make sure to read the details about how big the print can be printed before you buy it!  Whenever I have needed to print large scale printables, I just put the file on my flash drive and take it to my local copy/print shop.  It is seriously so cheap to print.  After paying for the printable and the cost of printing it on nice, quality paper, it’s still way more affordable than buying a large scale art print at a store.  I think the girls at the copy store think I’m a little crazy when I ask them to print a massive copy of a cacti picture haha.  Whatevs.

One of my favorite places to buy a frame for a printable is at Ikea because they are SO affordable.  And I LOVE the “minimalist-no-extra-junk” look of the Ribba Frame in particular.  It’s very simple and clean and comes in a variety of sizes.  But I’ve recently been crushing over another way to hang a printable…. which you will soon see when I post my entry way reveal next week!  Ahhhh I’m pretty excited for that, and you should be too haha, so keep following me!  I appreciate it SO much.

So if any of you are in need of some new, affordable, maybe even large scale wall décor…. check out Etsy and get ya some prints!  You can thank me later.



Let’s Talk Color

There are some colors I’ve noticed in designed spaces lately that I’ve really been crushing on.  I’ve been loving deep, rich colors like deep emerald green and deep navy blue.  I especially love the contrast of these colors with white.  I also love the way these deep colors look with gold accents.  It just makes my heart happy!  I’ve noticed these colors in some amazing spaces, let’s take a look:


Aren’t these rich green kitchen cabinets amazing?  The gold pendant lights and faucets are absolutely gorgeous with these green cabinets.  This kitchen is so unique, who would have ever thought that green cabinets could look so classy?  I think I would personally like white uppers with green lower cabinets.  Just to brighten the space a bit!


Isn’t this green velvet comforter from One King’s Lane so unique?  I love it!  Check out this source for other amazing emerald green accents.


I love this green blanket contrasting with the bright white linens.  So pretty!


For some smaller emerald green accents, check out these gorgeous agate coasters that are for sale on etsy!



This green velvet couch from Anthropologie is quite lovely as well.


Okay, let’s talk blue now!  I am in love with this gorgeous kitchen.  The white upper cabinets give a perfect balance to the blue lower cabinets.  And the gold hardware is perfect.


Check out this adorable English Manor house with a blue tufted couch!


This elegant, blue tufted headboard makes me very excited for Liberty’s room reveal which will include a DIY blue velvet tufted headboard.  See the design plan here.


Here is another gorgeous kitchen remodel with blue lower cabinets and white uppers.  The gold hardware is there once again and looking perfect!


Here are some beautiful blue agate coasters by the same seller on etsy as the green coasters.  To die for!

So what do you guys think of these color trends popping up?  I’ve been drawn to the rich blue color for quite a while, which is why I picked a rug with some rich blue colors in it for my dining room.  I honestly don’t have any of the deep emerald green in my own home.  But I’m seriously considering it now!  Hope you are all having an awesome start to 2017 and getting motivated to make your homes beautiful on a budget.



DIY Mini Christmas Terrariums

So I have always loved miniature things.  I still have my dollhouse from when I was young that is decked out in realistic furniture and decorative details.  It is currently in my “storage unit” bedroom in the basement, but I’m hoping one day I will have a daughter who will love it as much as I did!  So When I started seeing cute mini Christmas terrariums all around the interweb, I just knew I had to make some of my own to add to my Christmas decor this year.

I already had these cute wood and glass containers… candle holders? Jars?  I’m not sure what to call them, but they are from Target!  At one point I had cacti planted in them, which you can see here!  I decided a while ago to empty them because my cacti collection was getting a little out of control and I’ve been trying to declutter.  Just a continuation of the Kon-Mari method I implemented last spring in my home, which you can read about here.  Life changing I tell you!

These are so easy to make and if you don’t have containers like this you can use basic mason jars, which are also very cute.  I personally like the more modern look of these open top containers though!

I simply poured some sugar in and then started arranging my mini’s.  Nash already had the buck deer (which he calls an Elk haha).  I found the doe at Micheal’s Craft as well as the frosted pine trees.  The tiny deer and camper in the smaller terrarium are also from Micheal’s Craft.  The tiny pine trees are from the bargain section at Target!  Man I love that bargain section haha.  One of our favorite things to do as a family is to go camping in our trailer, so when I saw this cute camper I just had to get it!

I’m pretty happy with my little terrariums!  I love the simplicity of them.  I’ve really been trying to get away from gobby, overdone, and cluttery Christmas decorations.  It’s just not me anymore.  I’m all about the clean and simple now.  I highly suggest making some of these to add to your Christmas/Winter collection!  They are so cute and you will love them.  Even my husband (who normally doesn’t say much about my projects, because he’s just not into that stuff, said he really liked them and thought they were cool).  So I would say that’s a win!

I wish you all the best this Christmas season as we celebrate the birth of our Savior Jesus Christ!  Let’s not get so caught up in the purchases and parties that we forget to remember what He did for us.  I also think that if we reflect on Christ’s entire life (rather than just His birth) during the Christmas season, we can better appreciate the magnitude of who He is and what He did for us!

Check out some of my other Christmas DIY projects, including my favorite–The Christ Centered Advent Calender.

DIY Christ Centered Advent Calender

DIY Himmeli Ornaments

DIY Geometric Garland



Mid Century Modern Dining Area Reveal


I could not be happier with how my little dining area turned out and I’m so excited to share it with you!  Check out this before picture… we have been using this little table that was made by my husband’s great grandpa since we got married.  It’s a cute and tiny folk piece but I was ready for an upgrade.  And don’t worry the table was retired to my “storage unit” room in the basement where I keep way too many treasures to save for later haha.


So remember my post about the dining area design plan?  Check it out here.  I was trying to decide what style of chairs to put with my mid century modern dining room table.  Well, I decided to keep it simple and go with the classic white Eames-style chairs.  I LOVE the contrast of the walnut table with the white chairs and the price couldn’t be beat.  Most of the other options were either unattainable or expensive… like really expensive.  But I seriously love this look!  I am so glad I went with these chairs.  They are also really comfortable.  I actually bought them from Amazon of all places, you can find them here.



Ok, so a little back story on the table….  I purchased it quite a while ago from a guy selling it on Vintage Yardsale Utah (FB group).  I have since purchased a few other items from the same seller (who is also a lover of MCM)… he never disappoints.  And I’m so happy I found him haha.  He advised me on how to best refinish or improve the tabletop–which had some water and heat damage and the usual wear and tear of an old piece of furniture.  I opted for the faster, easier option and used Restore-A-Finish rather than completely refinishing it.  As you can see from the before picture of the table, there was a dark spot in the middle.


The dark spot is still there but much less noticeable.  I keep a table runner on there all the time anyways unless we’re eating so it doesn’t bother me.  We lightly sanded the top down and then applied the Restore-A-Finish according to the directions.  It was seriously SO easy and immediately made a huge difference!  Compare the two pictures… it looks awesome, am I right??  Here’s what we used:


The legs had some scratches, and for some reason the Restore-A-Finish wouldn’t take to the legs as well as the top.  So we ended up buying a stain marker, like this one, and touched up the little scratch marks with that, and it worked pretty well.  Both of these can be found at Home Depot or Lowes.  Annnnd about those legs…. if you love mid century modern then can appreciate those gorgeous tapered legs.  The legs SOLD me on this table.


In the design plan post, I mentioned that I was considering a rug.  I was unsure because of how small the space was and the table is close to two walls; I didn’t want it to look crowded.  But wow am I glad I decided a rug was necessary!  In my opinion it makes the space.  The combination of the dark wood, white chairs, and rich blue make my heart happy.  And the rug looks so natural there; it was meant to be!  I found this beautiful rug at Rugs USA for an awesome price!  And it’s on sale right now for cyber Monday for even cheaper than I bought it for!  Find it here.  It always makes me nervous ordering something so important without seeing it in person, but I was very pleased.  It looks just like the picture and the colors are beautiful.  It can be so hard to find a rug this big for such a great price point.


The shelves are from Ikea.  I love that they are simple and clean and bring more white into the space–which is always a good thing.  And of course I had to put up pictures of my little Nash!




Overall, I’m very happy with the space.  I’m hoping to do a budget makeover of sorts on the rest of the kitchen soon.  It will be nice to get the entire room looking rad!  I hope this inspires some of you to update your dining spaces.  I mean, we spend a lot of time there right?  Why not have a beautiful space that you can enjoy?  I also want to emphasize that you don’t have to break the bank to have a beautiful dining area.  With a little Restore-A-Finish, paint, sandpaper, or stain you can bring back the beauty of something old.  Try it!




Table- Thrifted //  Chairs- 2Xhome on Amazon // Rug- RugsUSA //  Shelves- Ikea //

Gold Vase- Nate Berkus for Target // Table Runner- Target // Large Cactus- Cactus and Tropicals

White pot- Hobby Lobby // Candlesticks- Target // White serving platter- Target

Rhino figurine- Target // Frames- ikea // White measuring cup- World Market

Fern and pot- Home Depot


Teen Glamour Bedroom Design Plan & Before Pictures

Hey everyone!  I am so excited to share the design plan for my little sister Liberty’s room makeover.  Liberty is my 13 year old baby sister and she is so cute!  I would describe Liberty as being proper, refined, and neat.  She likes pretty things.  She is a dancer.  She is so good with Nash and all babies–she is a natural little mother.  I have been very anxious to help her design her room ever since I did my other sister Shelby’s Teen Desert Modern room makeover.  Liberty’s room will be VERY different from Shelby’s; it is so fun for me to design rooms across a wide spectrum.

My other sister Aly was recently married and moved out of my parent’s house this summer.  Check out her Boho wedding here.  So Liberty moved into what I would consider the best room in the house.  I would know… at one point it was mine:)  It’s BIG.  Three windows and a walk in closet.. with a window.  A lot of room there to design.  Here are some before pictures of the space:





The space is empty, blah, and in need of some serious design help!  I am so excited to tackle this room and make it amazing for Liberty.  I made a little mood board and so all of you can visualize what my plan is… here it is!!


Gorgeous, am I right?  The plan:

  1. Color scheme: Royal/Navy blue, blush pink, light gray, white, with gold accents
  2. Blue velvet tufted headboard (DIY)
  3. Long blush pink curtains for all three windows
  4. Large, neutral area rug
  5. Dance bar (why not??!!)
  6. Great art


My goal is to make Liberty’s room sophisticated, beautiful, refined, glamorous, and lovely.  Keep checking back for updates on this space, you won’t want to miss this!






Dining Area Design Plan

Words cannot express how excited I am to FINALLY get my dining area the way I want it.  I bought a Mid Century Modern dining room table months ago and it has been in my basement ever since.  The top needs to be refinished and I need to find the perfect chairs to go with it.  I would LOVE to overhaul my entire kitchen, but that will not be happening super soon.  That doesn’t mean I can’t get the dining area looking great!  I think the biggest obstacle will be the floor… we cannot replace it at this time and I really DO NOT like it.  It is tan tile with dark grout… ick.  Ugh.  Whhhhhyyyyy??  The floor is not going to stop me from making the area look as good as possible though.

I want to share some inspiration photos of dining room tables and chairs I am loving.  This area will be completed within the next month which makes  me so happy.  So I need to get on it and find the perfect chairs!  Here are some dining rooms I love, mainly noting the chairs:

#1: Upholstered MCM Chairs



#2: Dusty Green Eames Style Molded Chairs



#3: Uniquely Wicker Chairs



#4: Classic White Eames Style Chairs



#5: Wishbone Chairs



#6: Clear Eames style chairs with wire/metal legs



My dining table is most similar to the table with the wishbone chairs.  It is a medium walnut color with tapered legs, which is also something to take into account when selecting dining room chairs.  I will have three chairs on each side of the table (similar to dining room #4) with none on the ends.  I seriously LOVE all of these options!  But here’s some thoughts:  I have a 1 year old son.. which makes me want to lean away from anything upholstered.  My kitchen cabinets are knotty alder, the floors are tan tile, the counter top has a lot of dark in it… which makes me want to lean away from the dark and/or wooden options.  Price is also a major thing to consider, and some these (or similar options)  are quite pricey.

I am also considering an area rug under the table to hide the tile.  I started to question it when I was researching rug size and found that many designers suggest that a rug beneath a dining room table should be big enough that when a chair is pulled out, all legs of the chair are still be on the rug.  My dining area is not big enough to do that.  The rug would probably end up hitting walls on two sides and getting in the way of the bar stools on a third side.  But the picture just above has a rug that is a little smaller (all legs of the chairs would not be on the rug if they were pulled out), but I think it looks fine.  Any thoughts or advice on this?

Here are some before pictures of the space (with our old table).  Keep in mind, our old table and chairs is on the miniature side compared to most, so it makes the space look bigger.



Okay, so which chairs are your favorite?  Which ones should I go for?  Stay tuned for the reveal!!!



Some Fall Inspiration for Y ‘all

October is finally here and I am loving it!  Fall is my favorite season hands down and decorations add to the fun.  So my style has changed quite a bit the past couple of years.  I went through about a year of being ‘lost’ in my style…. basically not liking my old style but still struggling to find what I really did love.  And of course experiencing guilt and confusion for not liking the chippy paint vintage look anymore when I SO LOVED it before.  I then went through another year of finding my new style and fine tuning it.  I am happy to say that I have found it and I am much more sure about what I want, which definitely makes shopping a whole lot easier!  I have a great appreciation for many decorating styles and of course mixing them is SO okay too.  Better in fact.  Much more lived in and less ‘staged’.

With that being said, when I pulled out many of my old Halloween and Fall decorations and put them up… I just wasn’t feeling it.  Too much clutter… too much everything.  So I pulled down what I didn’t love and simplified things a lot.  It is much more minimalistic and a lot more “me”.  So here’s some Fall inspiration for y’all!  Kemley style…



^^ I purchased a sprig of fake fall leaves at Hobby Lobby, cut them off the stem, spray painted them gold and copper, and made a banner.  The copper pumpkin on the top shelf is a real one I spray painted as well.  The wooden “Gather” banner on leather cord is from Target.




^^ I LOVE mini pumpkins… I got these from my parent’s pumpkin patch.  Of course I had to spray some gold!


^^ This gold metal vase is Nate Berkus for Target


^^ The chair is from Target, it was originally teal but I sprayed it gold a few months back.  I also painted a couple more pumpkins copper for outside.


^^ Recently I painted our front doors this stormy-blue color and they look SO much better.  The white paint was very chipped before.  I also got a new door handle and lock which I am IN LOVE with.  I will post some before and after pictures soon.. the difference is amazing!


So what do you think?  The inside is much more ‘minimalist’ and simple than the front porch area, but I love both.  I also feel like the inside decor could stay up through Thanksgiving and still look great and not too “Halloweeny”.  Haha made up words, right..  Anyway, I hope you liked it and this inspires some of you to switch up your Fall and holiday decor!



How to Make a Macrame Wall Hanging + A Boho Wedding Celebration


Hey all!  I can’t believe that it is already the end of September!  Summer flew by way too fast, but I will admit I’m excited for Fall.  I love Fall leaves and smells and the crispness of the air.  Anyway…. I want to show you guys how to make a {giant} macrame wall hanging and share some photos of a Bohemian Wedding that I helped design this Summer.

My sister Aly got married at the beginning of August and I knew we needed a really unique backdrop for the couple to stand in front of during the reception.  I came up with the idea to make a giant macrame to match the Boho theme of the wedding.  I would have to say it turned out pretty awesome.  Let’s check out some photos of the macrame…


This macrame is about 6 feet tall.  A long piece of rebar was pounded into the ground, we then slid a copper pipe over the rebar and attached  the macrame to the copper pipe through a hole drilled in the pipe.  We used a lot of copper accents for this wedding reception design.  The flowers were done by an amazing florist, Pam’s Floral and Design out of Pleasant Grove, UT.





This macrame is a smaller version I made to welcome guests to the wedding reception.  We bought the wooden letters from Micheal’s Craft to spell out “Aly & Ryan”.  Pam also did the flowers for this smaller macrame.


Here are some more photos of the wedding reception decor and so you can get a feel for the Boho vibe we were shooting for.  I am so in love with the flowers!


Photo above by Lydia Ripplinger Photography


Photo above by Lydia Ripplinger Photography


Photo above by Lydia Ripplinger Photography


Photo above by Lydia Ripplinger Photography; Cake by Heidi Carter


Photo above by Lydia Ripplinger Photography


Photo above by Lydia Ripplinger Photography


Photo above by Lydia Ripplinger Photography

This Bohemian inspired wedding reception for Aly and Ryan turned out amazing.  I am so happy that I took the plunge and learned how to make a macrame because I don’t feel like any other back drop could have made such a statement.  And it’s great because a macrame can be used for so many things besides a wedding backdrop.  It can be used as a decorative wall hanging in a house or to hang behind a bed as a faux head board.  And they were seriously SO easy to make.  These large macrames are made out of clothes line rope from Home Depot.  This rope is pretty inexpensive.  Of course a smaller scale macrame would need a smaller diameter rope than these.  Want to make your own macrame????  Check out the instructions below!


It is hard to describe in words how to do the macrame knots.  But it is really so simple.  Look at the photos to see each step.












I found it was easiest to get the knots tight and equally spaced by hanging the macrame up while making it.

So easy and simple, right?  I had so much fun making these and I really want to make a miniature version to hang in my house somewhere.  Let me know if you have any questions about the wedding decor or the macrame.







A Camping Themed 1st Birthday Party


Hey everyone!  I hope you have had a fantastic summer.  Ours has been SO busy it has been hard to put much time into blog posts.  I have several projects/posts coming up so stay tuned and keep following–I really appreciate all the kind words I have received regarding my room designs and blog!

My little guy Nash turned one on the 4th of this month.  I can’t believe that it has been a whole year– wow does time fly?!  Our family loves camping and spending time in the beautiful mountains here in Utah.  It is such a relaxing escape from the bustle of the city.  So I thought it would be perfect to celebrate Nash’s birthday in the mountains with a camping themed party!  It was a fun, casual night and I’m so grateful to our friends and families who came and supported Nash.  Let’s have a look at the party…








I had so much fun making this little birthday cake for Nash!  I used spring form pans and it worked out so well.  I was worried initially about making a free standing cake because a cake I made in the past was much to soft and crumbled while being frosted.  It was a disaster!  So I found a “doctored” cake recipe for a devil’s food cake mix on the blog “Something Swanky” and it stayed very firm and was perfect.  Not to mention it was delicious.  I also made her homemade chocolate frosting for the cake-Yum!  This little cake was perfect for a 1 year old, but I think next time I will double layer it so each layer is taller!  Trial and error, right?




Nash and dad^^ I also made Nash his own little cake to dig in to.  He loves chocolate so I was surprised he was as calm and slow about actually digging in.  Once he had some prompting he did very well haha.


Proud parents^^


It was so fun to have some of our close friends at the party.  Nash will grow up with these cute boys! Kyson (left), Kayson (right), and Nash are all within a few months of each other, and Cache (far right) is only a couple of years older.



Aunt Natalia^^



Aunt Madison^^


Aunt Baylie and Uncle Rylan^^


Aunt Aly^^



Ky and Nash^^


I absolutely love this picture!  Chocolate baby haha.


Overall, Nash’s first birthday was a major success and we had so much fun!  I’m glad we chose to celebrate it in the mountains, it was a good escape from the 100 degree weather down in the valley.  Thanks to everyone who came–we have the best families ever!





Throwback to a Vintage Wedding Celebration

Hey all!  Wedding season is upon us and I have been busy over here helping with the design of my sister Aly’s wedding celebration which will happen in August.  I don’t want to give anything away, but think…. GIANT MACRAMAE.  Enough said.  Anyways, I thought I would do a little throwback to my own wedding in June of 2012.  During this time, my design style was very Vintage.  Chippy paint, old doors, vintage suitcases and the like.  Of course I would do things a little different now, but that being said, I still think that my wedding design was beautiful and I love the simplicity of it.  I designed and planned ALL of the decorations at my wedding reception and it was so much fun.  It’s never been “me” to let somebody else design something of mine.  I think these are relevant to post because a lot of people are still doing Vintage-y weddings.  Let’s look at some photos…

Vintage style bridal bouquet

Vintage Wedding

Vintage Style Wedding with old suitcase

Vintage wedding desserts

Vintage style wedding with old doors

Vintage Style Wedding
Little lights hanging above wedding reception















532733_10200908695304011_1450300567_n (1)XX


Most of the old doors came out of my great-grandma’s farmhouse before they tore it down.  A lot suitcases and other decorations I found thrifting.  My wedding reception was in my parents backyard, which is beautiful.  This is where Aly’s wedding reception will be also…. Sooo stay tuned because her wedding will be Ah- mazing.



**All photography by the very talented Bluebird Pictures**