One Room Challenge Office/Studio: Week 3

I can’t believe it is already week 3 of the ORC!  The final reveal will be here before we know it and I am determined to have a 100% completed office/studio!  I have had so much fun checking out other blogs with room makeovers in the ORC and have definitely found a few that I will continue to follow even after the ORC is over!  So much fun!  You can find the invited design bloggers’ ORC posts here.  And make sure to check out the other invited guest design bloggers here.  Thanks again to Linda from Calling it Home for allowing us guest design bloggers to participate!

I have some exciting projects in the works for my office/studio that I can’t wait to reveal on week 6!  I have been fairly productive this week but I do think I need to step it up a bit to make the deadline.  I have a lot of great ideas, but implementing them is another story, especially with an eight month old getting into everything haha.

This week I revamped a mid century school desk and chair for Nash when he is a little older.  This desk is so special to me and I love including it in my room design.  When my grandma built her new house and moved a few years back she cleaned out her old house and got rid of a lot of things, including this adorable little desk.  My mom couldn’t bear to see it thrown out so she took it.  Several months ago, my mom decided she needed to get rid of it while cleaning out and decluttering her house.  So I inherited the desk!

Here is the desk before (with the seat back already removed).  The wood part is in pretty good shape, the metal parts of the desk and chair had been painted dark brown at some point and the paint was chipping off.



After contemplating a few different options, I decided that the metal just HAD to be spray painted gold.  I am so glad I chose gold because it looks so cute!  The combination of wood and gold looks amazing!  I used my favorite go-to gold spray paint from Design Master, which I purchased from Micheal’s Craft.  Adorable, right?  It looks amazing with the paper ripped off, etc. but I will save that for the final reveal!



I have also been working on a faux roman shade for the odd shaped window in this basement office/studio (see the room here) with this pink and pineapple fabric!  I just couldn’t pass it up when I saw it!  Thank goodness my mom is helping me with the roman shade because it has been a little tricky!  It’s one of those things that can easily be messed up by over thinking it.  Here is a sneak peek of the fabric….. Okay, pineapples are so rad, am I right???


My goal for next week is to paint an area rug to resemble a kilim rug.  I know, I have big aspirations and I am crossing my fingers that it will look as good in real life as it does in my head haha.  Wish me luck!  Thanks for reading and continue to follow along as I progress further each week in this little office/studio!



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