One Room Challenge Office/Studio: Week 2

I can’t believe another week has past already!  Wow time is flying.  Check out where I started on week 1.  I sat down on the floor in the office today and went through my pile of accessories and pieces that I’m planning on repurpose for this space and it really made me realize how much work and time is going to need to go into this room!  I’m a little nervous but SO excited.  I love to sit down and compare items and furniture and brainstorm ways to create an amazing room.  It really gets my creativity flowing to actually hold items in my hands and visualize everything.  I am loving this process!

So the main thing I did this week was spray paint my old metal desk….. pink!  I picked up this desk for next to nothing from an online classifieds website a while back.  It is a big, deep desk and weighs a TON.  It has been in the office for a while but not necessarily functioning as a desk.  It also barely fit through the doorway into the room, (which is in the basement) so getting it outside to spray paint it was not an option.  I may be crazy…. but I sprayed it inside the house (with all the windows open).  Yikes.

Here is the desk before:

Desk Makeover


Here is the desk prepped for painting:


As you can see above, I covered the floor and wall with paper, I also taped off the top of the desk (which I am leaving the natural wood look), and the legs and drawer pulls.

It worked out pretty well to spray paint the desk inside my house, I did notice a light coating of pink dust on some of the baseboard that wasn’t covered with paper.  But luckily it wiped off!  I will admit, it was pretty risky to spray paint the desk inside the house but I weighed the risks and benefits and decided to go for it!

So, I have been crushing on pale pink for a while now and I immediately knew this was the color I wanted to paint the desk.  I found this lovely pink spray paint at Micheal’s Craft, it’s called “Ballet Slipper”.  It is a perfect pale pink and I love it.  Here is a little sneak peak of the desk.



I have also been working on plans to reconfigure this accent table frame (it used to have a glass top), into a table for my printer.  I want to build a wood top for it and probably spray paint the frame gold.  The printer takes up too much space on top of the desk; I want it out of the way on it’s own table.  I am trying to make this office as functional as possible as well as beautiful!  Which means I need some space to work on top of the desk.  I love using old items to make something new.  I’m all about thrifty over here!



Lastly, here’s a sneak peek of where my design plan is going as far as accessories and colors…  Notice the pale pink tassel on the pillow is the color I painted the desk!  I want to throw in gold accents as well, I mean pale pink and gold… it’s what dreams are made of!  I have so many fun plans for this room, but I don’t want to spoil everything by sharing it now!  So please continue to follow my journey and you will not be disappointed when the room is revealed on week 6!

Check out all the other amazing ORC guest participant’s week 2 progress at Calling it Home.  Here is the link to the invited design bloggers and their amazing spaces.




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6 thoughts on “One Room Challenge Office/Studio: Week 2

  1. Kemley I adore the direction that your room is headed towards! You did SO much better than I did in my room this week.

    I would love for you to share this post at Thoughts of Home on Thursday. I think our readers would really enjoy it!

    Good luck in the upcoming week!

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