Kemley Design now has a Logo and it’s JUST my Style

Hey all!  As you now know from the title of this post, Kemley Design has a logo!  I had been wanting a logo for a long time and finally reached out to the very talented Heidi Carter for some help designing my logo.  I told her I wanted something simple, minimal, and black and white.  She came up with multiple options and ideas and had the example logos sent to me SO FAST.  Amazing service for sure.  She is so creative (I know her personally so I can vouch that this is true).  She came up with some awesome example logos even though I gave her hardly any instruction as to what I wanted it to look like.

Don’t you love this logo?  It’s so me.  It is perfect for Kemley Design and the way I want my blog to be represented.

Check out Heidi’s Etsy shop right now!!  She has a lot of great printables that are instant downloads- great for those impatient people like myself haha.  AND she even takes custom orders… I know from personal experience that with a custom order she delivers and is so great to work with.  So if you need a great printable or some custom work, she is your gal!  Check out this cute chalkboard printable, I think it’s one of my favorites.



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