Easy DIY Curtain Panels for $5

Happy Wednesday everyone!  Wednesdays are a little rough for me because I am actually a registered nurse (surprise!) who works every Tuesday night until 6 am.  I then come home to my almost 8 month old son who is ready to be up for the day.  So I generally sleep for about 2-3 hours after work.  Blah.  Anyway enough with the pity party.  I do have to say I’m proud to be posting on a Wednesday considering my state of mind.  Haha.  It can be a little hard to be motivated on Wednesdays.
Guys.  I am excited to share this simple curtain panel tutorial with you!  It makes me happy to share ideas to beautify rooms without breaking the bank!  These curtain panels that I made for Shelby’s room are SO easy and fast to whip up.
You will need:
1.  One twin size flat sheet (I buy the cheap $5 Walmart Mainstays sheet)
2. Thread to match your sheet
3. Sewing machine
How to make the panels:
1. Measure your flat sheet and cut it lengthwise exactly down the middle so you have two equal halves (each half will have a wider hemmed edge which would normally go at the head of the bed if used as a sheet; the other half has a smaller hemmed edge–this will be the top of the curtain panel)
2.  Hem the raw edge on each panel, see picture below
3. Then measure how much space your curtain rod will need to slide easily in the opening.  You don’t want it too loose or too tight.  As you can see below, the sheet didn’t exactly match up when folded over on that right side.  Once hung, this isn’t an issue and you can’t even tell.  When it doesn’t show in the end product, I’ve learned not to stress imperfections like this.  After all, this is a $5 walmart sheet so it probably wasn’t perfect in shape to begin with.  Note: be sure to hem the side BEFORE hemming over the opening for the rod.  Or you will be unpicking stitches.  This was a mistake I made the first time I made a pair of these for my living room.
And it’s just that simple!  It’s so nice using a sheet, because two out of the four sides of a panel are already finished! We ended up adding some fun trim to the curtains in Shelby’s room that my mom found at JoAnn’s Craft to jazz them up a little bit.  
Also, just a side note: when I hang curtains in a room, they are purely for cosmetic reasons, not to actually pull across the window.  So the width of the curtain doesn’t really matter to me.  I like how these “twin sheet” curtain panels are not too bulky and wide.  
TIPS for hanging curtains:
-Always hang the rod higher than the window casing–you want to lengthen the window and make it seem taller.  This will also make the ceiling seem higher. 
-Hang the curtain rod quite a bit wider than the window so the curtains aren’t covering too much of the window cutting off that natural light and making the window seem narrower.
This picture displays a very clear example of how important it is to hang curtains correctly.  As you can see, the windows are the same size but window #2 seems SO MUCH BIGGER!
Photo via Homegoods
I love white curtains.  I really feel like they brighten up a room and bring some crisp cleanliness to a space.  I made long white curtains for my living room as well as Nash’s Nursery.  
Well I hope this inspires some of you to make some awesome curtain panels for $5!  Can’t beat that!  Follow me on pinterest and instagram, where you will see sneak peeks of future projects and room reveals!

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