DIY Simple Modern Spring Wreath


Springtime is in full swing and what better way to celebrate warmer weather ahead and new beginnings than a new door wreath?  After all the darkness of Fall and Winter, it’s refreshing to bring out some fresh greenery into your home.  Whether it’s faux greenery like this wreath, or fresh flowers in a vase, it all shouts Springtime to me!


I am all about simplicity.  I love the look of simple, minimalist designs.  I had the design for this wreath in my head and decided to use another one of my thrifted embroidery hoops to make it happen!  For this wreath, I used the part of a hoop that doesn’t have the metal bracket piece.

What you need to make this modern simple wreath:

  1. Embroidery hoop
  2. Sprigs of fake greenery (I purchased these branches at Hobby Lobby and cut off each little sprig)
  3. Leather cord
  4. Ribbon
  5. Hot glue gun




First, I hot glued the leather cord all around the lip of the embroidery hoop.  I have a leather obsession currently and I love what it adds to this wreath!  Then start gluing the sprigs of greenery onto the hoop wherever it feels right!  I overlapped them quite a bit.

Last but not least find a piece of ribbon to hang the wreath.  I dug though my massive basket of ribbon scrapes and found some navy ribbon to hang my wreath on my pantry door!  I’m liking it!  Perfectly simple and minimal…. just my style.  Check out these other DIY projects with embroidery hoops: Copper Wire & String DIY Heart and the Boho Wall Hanging.






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