DIY Lampshade Update for less than $6


Updating a lamp shade is a great way to give your room a new look!  The lampshades at Target are to DIE for.  But lampshades can be a little expensive sometimes.  So here is a cheap and easy way to update your lampshade without buying a new one!

I bought this arch lamp a couple of years ago.  I have been tired of the burlap shade that came with it for quite a while now.  Back when I bought the lamp I was obsessed with burlap and everything vintage.  Since then, my style has completely evolved into something much more modern and clean with midcentury vibes.  Here is the lamp before:


I still love the arched shame of the lamp, and so I didn’t want to get a new lamp.  The shade does not hook onto the lamp base like a normal lamp because of the arched shape.  So these lamp shades can be little harder to find.  This is another reason why I decided to recover the shade instead of purchase a new one.

I purchased the fabric at Hobby Lobby, which is one of my favorite places to get fabric because of the 40% off coupon.  They also have really cute duck cloth fabric there for $9.99/yd (before the coupon discount).  So it is very affordable.  The duck cloth is thicker and more heavy duty than regular fabric, so I just covered right over top of the burlap and you can’t even tell. I bought 1/2 yard for this project and had some left over.  All you need to recover a shade like this is fabric and a glue gun!  So I pulled out my old tiny glue gun that is like the cheapest one you can get at Wal Mart and it did the job just fine!


I just cut the fabric to be a little wider than the shade, then wrapped it over the edge and glued.  Because this is a drum shade I didn’t have to worry about wrinkles of any kind, the fabric glued on smooth.
Where the seam is, I just folded the fabric over and glued it there. I think it looks pretty good!
So this took literally like 10 minutes to do.  What a fast and easy way to update a lampshade–and affordable!  And it is so nice to know that when I get tired of this lamp shade fabric..because I’m sure I will someday, it is SO easy to update!!


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