DIY Boxwood Wreath

Hey hey hey!  Life is good isn’t it?  Warmer weather is approaching and soon it will be Summer and my little family will be vacationing on the beaches of Mexico.  Can June please come sooner???  Anyway, I love warm weather and sunshine and I love to see everything becoming green again.  What better way to add a little life to your home than a greener than green boxwood wreath on your front door to welcome guests to your world?  Boxwood wreaths are all the rage, but they can be a little pricey.  But the good news is, if you’re willing to hunt down a few simple items and sit down and work on a project for a bit, you can DIY your own for a much better price.

I’ve got some major goals involving improving the curb appeal of our home and I think this simple wreath will really add a lot.  Of course I have some much bigger and more expensive projects on the list, but why not tackle the wreath first for a quick win to jumpstart my plans?

You will only need 4 simple items to make your own boxwood wreath.  So easy!!!

  1. Scissors
  2. Wire wreath form

2. Floral Wire

3. Boxwood garland

I purchased the wire wreath form, floral wire, and boxwood garland at Hobby Lobby.  It was great because the boxwood garland was 50% off and I was able to use a 40% off coupon on the wreath form.  This was definitly cheaper than buying a similar wreath already made.  Here is how to put together your boxwood wreath:

Wrap your garland around the wreath form, securing it on the back with floral wire as you go.  Once you wrap the entire wreath form, cut off the excess garland.

Then cut off all the little sprigs from the excess garland.  I used these extra pieces to fill in my wreath throughout and make it more full.

And just like that it’s complete and ready to hang up!  I really love the way it looks against the color of my front door.  These two colors seem to complement each other very well.  If you would like a boxwood wreath but you don’t want to spend a fortune, then make your own like I did.  It was a quick project that I finished in under an hour while I watched TV.  I hope you like this tutorial!  Thanks for all your support as viewers of my blog!  I appreciate it more than you know!



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    1. I used just one strand of garland. There was a little left over so I used the extra to fill in the wreath and make it more full!

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