DIY Boho Wall Hanging


Happy Friday everybody!  Today I have a simple DIY wall hanging tutorial.  A couple of years ago, I picked up several embroidery hoops in multiple sizes at DI (thrift store similar to Goodwill) for next to nothing in price.  I finally decided that today was the day to actually make something with one of these hoops I had been hoarding!

Supplies needed to make this Boho wall hanging:

  1. Embroidery hoop of any size depending on how big you want your wall hanging


2. Yarn (I bought this black yarn at Hobby Lobby for $2.99)


3. Wooden beads (These are from Hobby Lobby and just a couple dollars for a bag of them)


4. Leather cord to hang the embroidery hoop with (also purchased at Hobby Lobby)


How to make:

Wrap each piece of yarn around the hoop and tied a knot at the bottom.  I left a long tail on each piece to thread a bead onto.  I started all of the yarn at the center of the hoop and then angled them out.



Continue this until you fill up the center with yarn.  Then cut each piece of yarn like below and thread a wooden bead on each piece.  I just tied a double knot on the yarn to keep the bead in place.


It’s really just that simple!  Once you are finished, cut a small piece of leather and tie it around the metal piece on the hoop to hang your Boho wall hanging!  I hope this inspires some of you to make one of your own!



Want to see more DIY crafts using embroidery hoops?  Check out the Simple Springtime Wreath and Copper Wire & String Heart.



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