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Happy Valentine’s Day!!  Well… tomorrow I guess.  But hey it’s not too early to start celebrating the holiday devoted to love.  I adore Valentine’s Day.. it’s seriously so fun having a little boy in addition to a husband, because now I have two valentines!  I whipped up this fun Valentine’s Day craft and wanted to share.  It was SO easy to make and also super fast.  A long time ago, I bought a whole bunch of embroidery hoops at the thrift store and have been making crafts with them ever since!  Check out this simple Springtime wreath and Boho wall hanging– both made with embroidery hoops.  I am so in love with this cute copper wire and string heart… here’s how to make it:

Supplies needed:

  1. Embroidery hoop
  2. Copper wire
  3. Red crochet thread (or any kind of red string)
  4. Hot glue gun
  5. Ribbon

This is the crochet thread I picked up at Micheal’s Craft

First, I cut a piece of copper wire and formed the heart.  Lucky for me, my husband is an electrician and had some copper wire that I was able to use for this craft!  I then took another piece of copper wire and crisscrossed the heart shape until I ran out of wire.  I then cut a long piece of the red crochet thread and hot glued the end to the back of one piece of copper wire.  I then began crisscrossing the thread across the heart, hot gluing it to the back of the wire as I went and so it wouldn’t slide around.  I didn’t do any particular pattern, just did what felt right haha.  And last, I looped a piece of ribbon around the embroidery hoop to hang it.  Pretty easy, right?  I know Valentine’s Day is tomorrow, but it’s not too late to make one of these and hang it up in your house to celebrate!

Okay, now for some thoughts about my two lover boys.  Haha. I’m so grateful for my husband Dax, who has been very supportive of me trying this whole design/DIY/blog thing.  He knows that interior design has always been my passion, and even though it’s not always his favorite thing to help me with my many projects, he does it.  He works so hard to support our little family.  Sometimes he has a tough exterior, but he has the biggest heart.  Nash is now 18 months old and oh man does he keep my hands full.  He is a busy, busy little boy!  Nash is such a sweetheart and I really think he’s going to be a heart breaker for all the girls when he’s older.  He is so loving and will come up behind me when I’m sitting on the floor and give me a big hug.  One of my favorite things about this is he holds the hug for several seconds, not just a quick hug.  It makes a mama’s heart burst!  He loves to give mama hugs and kisses and I of course LOVE that.  He is very social and charming and captures the hearts of pretty much everybody he encounters.  I have the two best Valentines a girl could ask for.  This photo is from our engagements 5 years ago… wow time flies!

Photo above by Bluebird Pictures

And here is a “real life” picture of Nash… buttons undone on his onesie, chocolate on his chin (because sometimes moms get desperate), with messy hair, standing on his favorite chair in our living room.

Well, I hope this inspires some of you to make a copper and string heart decoration for Valentine’s Day.  And I hope you all have a perfect Valentine’s Day full of lots and lots of LOVE.




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