How to Style a Tiny Entry Way

Today I am going to share with you my tiny entry way that I just finished styling!  I am SO happy with how it turned out.  I have been noticing amazing entry ways on Pinterest for quite a while now.  I even have an entire Pinterest board dedicated to them.  I have seen some beautiful entry ways with awesome benches and seating.  Some entries have decorative tables or other large pieces of furniture.  Many entry ways have the space to do this but many do not, including my own.

I wanted my entry to make statement for visitors because it is the first thing they see when they walk in the door.  That can be hard in such a small space.  As I have mentioned before, our house is a split entry.  So the front door is ground level and then once you enter the house there is a small landing and then stairs up to the living room and stairs down to the basement.  So no room for a bench or chair or anything like that.  We have double front doors but only the one on the left has a door knob.  The other one opens but we never use it unless we are moving large things into or out of the house.  Because the front door is at ground level, the ceiling just above that area is vaulted.  It’s the only place in our house where we can have a larger hanging light because all of our other ceilings are the typical height.

In a small entry way there are a few statement pieces that can make it amazing… these include a great rug, cool lighting, and unique wall decor.  None of these things require a lot of space.  Let’s take a look at my tiny entry way with big style….

I have been crushing over dot coat hooks… like literally obsessing over them.  I was going to try and make some of my own, but when I found these from CB2 at a good price point, I decided to buy them.  I’m so glad I did because they are everything!

The “Good Vibes Only” print is something I typed up and had printed on nice paper at a copy store.  I kept seeing prints on etsy with this quote, but I didn’t love any of the fonts.  So I thought.. hey, why not just make my own!  I love love love the way this print is hung.  So much more unique than a traditional frame.  I found this inspiration on Vintage Revivals.  I changed it up a little and hung it with leather cord instead of the cotton rope she used.

This amazing plant stand was made for me by Dax.  Best husband ever.  I love it!

The first thing I changed in our entry way was the light.  This was actually one of the first things I changed in our house when we moved in!  So the light has been up for quite a while.  I fell in love with this light from World Market and just had to have it.  I love it so much more than the old one!  It is priced SO good.

Here is a view from the top of the stairs, you can see how small the area actually is.  This amazing rug is from Urban Outfitters!

Tiny entry ways can still be styled and look rad, don’t you think?



Sources:  Rug: Urban Outfitters  //  Light: World Market  //  Dot Coat Hooks: CB2  //  Woven Pot: Ikea   //  Hunter Boots: Nordstrom  //  Hat: Nordstrom  //  Purse: H&M (ON SALE!!)


Mid Century Modern Dining Area Reveal


I could not be happier with how my little dining area turned out and I’m so excited to share it with you!  Check out this before picture… we have been using this little table that was made by my husband’s great grandpa since we got married.  It’s a cute and tiny folk piece but I was ready for an upgrade.  And don’t worry the table was retired to my “storage unit” room in the basement where I keep way too many treasures to save for later haha.


So remember my post about the dining area design plan?  Check it out here.  I was trying to decide what style of chairs to put with my mid century modern dining room table.  Well, I decided to keep it simple and go with the classic white Eames-style chairs.  I LOVE the contrast of the walnut table with the white chairs and the price couldn’t be beat.  Most of the other options were either unattainable or expensive… like really expensive.  But I seriously love this look!  I am so glad I went with these chairs.  They are also really comfortable.  I actually bought them from Amazon of all places, you can find them here.



Ok, so a little back story on the table….  I purchased it quite a while ago from a guy selling it on Vintage Yardsale Utah (FB group).  I have since purchased a few other items from the same seller (who is also a lover of MCM)… he never disappoints.  And I’m so happy I found him haha.  He advised me on how to best refinish or improve the tabletop–which had some water and heat damage and the usual wear and tear of an old piece of furniture.  I opted for the faster, easier option and used Restore-A-Finish rather than completely refinishing it.  As you can see from the before picture of the table, there was a dark spot in the middle.


The dark spot is still there but much less noticeable.  I keep a table runner on there all the time anyways unless we’re eating so it doesn’t bother me.  We lightly sanded the top down and then applied the Restore-A-Finish according to the directions.  It was seriously SO easy and immediately made a huge difference!  Compare the two pictures… it looks awesome, am I right??  Here’s what we used:


The legs had some scratches, and for some reason the Restore-A-Finish wouldn’t take to the legs as well as the top.  So we ended up buying a stain marker, like this one, and touched up the little scratch marks with that, and it worked pretty well.  Both of these can be found at Home Depot or Lowes.  Annnnd about those legs…. if you love mid century modern then can appreciate those gorgeous tapered legs.  The legs SOLD me on this table.


In the design plan post, I mentioned that I was considering a rug.  I was unsure because of how small the space was and the table is close to two walls; I didn’t want it to look crowded.  But wow am I glad I decided a rug was necessary!  In my opinion it makes the space.  The combination of the dark wood, white chairs, and rich blue make my heart happy.  And the rug looks so natural there; it was meant to be!  I found this beautiful rug at Rugs USA for an awesome price!  And it’s on sale right now for cyber Monday for even cheaper than I bought it for!  Find it here.  It always makes me nervous ordering something so important without seeing it in person, but I was very pleased.  It looks just like the picture and the colors are beautiful.  It can be so hard to find a rug this big for such a great price point.


The shelves are from Ikea.  I love that they are simple and clean and bring more white into the space–which is always a good thing.  And of course I had to put up pictures of my little Nash!




Overall, I’m very happy with the space.  I’m hoping to do a budget makeover of sorts on the rest of the kitchen soon.  It will be nice to get the entire room looking rad!  I hope this inspires some of you to update your dining spaces.  I mean, we spend a lot of time there right?  Why not have a beautiful space that you can enjoy?  I also want to emphasize that you don’t have to break the bank to have a beautiful dining area.  With a little Restore-A-Finish, paint, sandpaper, or stain you can bring back the beauty of something old.  Try it!




Table- Thrifted //  Chairs- 2Xhome on Amazon // Rug- RugsUSA //  Shelves- Ikea //

Gold Vase- Nate Berkus for Target // Table Runner- Target // Large Cactus- Cactus and Tropicals

White pot- Hobby Lobby // Candlesticks- Target // White serving platter- Target

Rhino figurine- Target // Frames- ikea // White measuring cup- World Market

Fern and pot- Home Depot


Teen Glamour Bedroom Design Plan & Before Pictures

Hey everyone!  I am so excited to share the design plan for my little sister Liberty’s room makeover.  Liberty is my 13 year old baby sister and she is so cute!  I would describe Liberty as being proper, refined, and neat.  She likes pretty things.  She is a dancer.  She is so good with Nash and all babies–she is a natural little mother.  I have been very anxious to help her design her room ever since I did my other sister Shelby’s Teen Desert Modern room makeover.  Liberty’s room will be VERY different from Shelby’s; it is so fun for me to design rooms across a wide spectrum.

My other sister Aly was recently married and moved out of my parent’s house this summer.  Check out her Boho wedding here.  So Liberty moved into what I would consider the best room in the house.  I would know… at one point it was mine:)  It’s BIG.  Three windows and a walk in closet.. with a window.  A lot of room there to design.  Here are some before pictures of the space:





The space is empty, blah, and in need of some serious design help!  I am so excited to tackle this room and make it amazing for Liberty.  I made a little mood board and so all of you can visualize what my plan is… here it is!!


Gorgeous, am I right?  The plan:

  1. Color scheme: Royal/Navy blue, blush pink, light gray, white, with gold accents
  2. Blue velvet tufted headboard (DIY)
  3. Long blush pink curtains for all three windows
  4. Large, neutral area rug
  5. Dance bar (why not??!!)
  6. Great art


My goal is to make Liberty’s room sophisticated, beautiful, refined, glamorous, and lovely.  Keep checking back for updates on this space, you won’t want to miss this!






Tribal Chic Office/Studio Reveal


Hello and welcome to my chic tribal office/studio room reveal!  Week 6 of the One Room Challenge hosted by Linda of Calling it Home is finally here and I am beyond excited to share this space with you all!  Guys, getting this room done in time for the reveal today almost made me a crazy person.  It has been a very stressful last couple of weeks and I absolutely could not have completed this room without the help of my amazing mom and sisters who helped with Nash on several occasions when I needed to make some real progress.  Because painting a rug with a 9 month old is hard and/or impossible.

Okay, on to the room reveal!  I love, love, love before and afters so let’s take a look back to where the room started about a year and a half ago when we bought our house.



Not the best photos, but you get the idea.  Basically we were looking at tan walls, a tan ceiling, and green bead board.  This room is in the basement and has poor lighting, so this was by far the darkest room in the entire house.

Here is the space now:



This space is not only my office, but also my art studio!  I love painting with pastels and this old easel is perfect for what I need.  I filled the metal cart with art supplies rather than keeping the supplies tucked away in the closet.  Now the supplies are close at hand for making art!


I spray painted this old metal desk “ballet slipper” pink by Krylon and I think it really fits in the space.  I dressed up the ghost chair with a fun tassel throw pillow from Target.  I love how you can see the throw pillow through the ghost chair!  Ghost chairs are so unique and quirky!

The wall design was done with a gold sharpie paint pen!  Check out the Teen Desert Modern Room where I did a LONG wall with this design in black!

I wanted this room to be not only beautiful, but functional as well.  This space turned out really fun and very functional, so I am satisfied!  My husband built a wooden top for this metal accent table for my printer so it doesn’t take up space on top of my desk!



While planning out the room design, I decided a faux roman shade would be perfect for this wide window.  The moment I hung the first roman shade I made out of pineapple print fabric, I knew I didn’t like it.  The print was too small and the shade wasn’t stiff enough.  I knew it needed to be fixed.  I love the new one (above) SO much more!  We made it a little different than the first one and it is now very stiff and smooth… not to mention this new fabric print fits so much better in the space!


Here is a view from the doorway of the office/studio.


Here is a close up view of the rug I painted.  This project was by far the most stressful part of this room makeover!  I didn’t realize that it would take as long as it did when I started.  I love how the rug turned out though; it really ties the room together.  Next time i will definitely look into buying a new rug over painting such a complicated design on a huge rug like this… haha.


This midcentury school desk had been in the family for a while and I was so excited to give it new life!  The metal legs of the desk and chair had been painted dark brown.  The paint was chipping and dull.  I spray painted all the metal parts of the desk and chair my favorite antique metallic gold.  This is the first gold desk I have ever seen and it’s just so rad and unique!  This is Nash’s own special little space in my office.  Once he is a little older, this will be the perfect place for him to color and play while I paint or draw!


This long shelf runs the entire length of this wall and I had so much fun styling it!  It was a little bit challenging to style a shelf so long, but I am happy with how it turned out.


Let’s enjoy some detail photos of the space…




I am such a nerd for saving these Alex and Ani cards, but I love their jewelry!  I like how each piece of jewelry has a special meaning.  I tacked a few of my favorites up to remind myself of the positive things the symbols stand for and to remember to live my life with positivity!  I also decided to tack up my tassel from nursing school graduation, because that was a huge accomplishment in my life.  Of course a picture of newborn Nash also needs to be in view while I’m working!









This Boho wall hanging was so easy to make, check out the tutorial here!




I hope you love this office/studio room reveal as much as I do!  I am so relieved to finally be done with this space and excited to actually use it!  Thanks to Linda from Calling it Home to allow us guest design bloggers participate in the amazing room makeover challenge!  Check out the amazingly talented invited design bloggers spaces here.  Also be sure to check out the other guest bloggers spaces here!  There are some amazing rooms in this challenge, you will not be disappointed!  Check out my full source list below to see where you can find some of the fun stuff in my office/studio!




Desk area:

Desk: thrifted //  floor lamp: thrifted  // desktop card catalog: thrifted from Home Again  // zebra art canvas: Hobby Lobby //  Gold metal desktop organizer: Nate Berkus for Target  // Gold paper/book holder: Target (old) // binder clip dish: Target //  Gold clock: Target // Cactus art print: Lila & Lola // Gray picture frame for cactus print: Ikea // Cork board: Ikea // Ghost Chair: Lexmod on Amazon // Throw pillow: Target // Calendar printable: Jessica Says Designs // Cactus and pot: Cactus and Tropicals

Nash’s Desk Area:

Desk & Chair: old // small clock: Ikea // Notebook: Homegoods // Black picture ledge: Ikea // Alphabet art print: That Little Dude  // Black/white art: Ikea // Picture frames: Ikea // Snake plant: Home Depot // White pot for snake plant: Ikea

Art Area:

Easel: old // Metal cart: Ikea // Paintbrush holder: Homegoods // Leather swivel chair: thrifted

Shelf Area: 

Magazine holder: Nate Berkus for Target // Gold Starburst: Hobby Lobby // Potted fern: Cactus and Tropicals // Pineapple art print: Lila and Lola // Black/white modern art print: Lila and Lola // All picture frames: Ikea // Pink zebra painting: done by me when I was a kid // wooden person figure: Ikea // Gold geometric heart: Hobby Lobby


White walls: Sherwin Williams white base with 3 oz added white pigment for coverage // Black wall above shelf: Sherwin Williams “Iron Ore”  // Wall design: gold Sharpie paint pen  //  Desk: Krylon spray paint “Ballet Slipper”  //  Little desk and printer table: Design Master Antique Gold spray paint

One Room Challenge Office/Studio: Week 3

I can’t believe it is already week 3 of the ORC!  The final reveal will be here before we know it and I am determined to have a 100% completed office/studio!  I have had so much fun checking out other blogs with room makeovers in the ORC and have definitely found a few that I will continue to follow even after the ORC is over!  So much fun!  You can find the invited design bloggers’ ORC posts here.  And make sure to check out the other invited guest design bloggers here.  Thanks again to Linda from Calling it Home for allowing us guest design bloggers to participate!

I have some exciting projects in the works for my office/studio that I can’t wait to reveal on week 6!  I have been fairly productive this week but I do think I need to step it up a bit to make the deadline.  I have a lot of great ideas, but implementing them is another story, especially with an eight month old getting into everything haha.

This week I revamped a mid century school desk and chair for Nash when he is a little older.  This desk is so special to me and I love including it in my room design.  When my grandma built her new house and moved a few years back she cleaned out her old house and got rid of a lot of things, including this adorable little desk.  My mom couldn’t bear to see it thrown out so she took it.  Several months ago, my mom decided she needed to get rid of it while cleaning out and decluttering her house.  So I inherited the desk!

Here is the desk before (with the seat back already removed).  The wood part is in pretty good shape, the metal parts of the desk and chair had been painted dark brown at some point and the paint was chipping off.



After contemplating a few different options, I decided that the metal just HAD to be spray painted gold.  I am so glad I chose gold because it looks so cute!  The combination of wood and gold looks amazing!  I used my favorite go-to gold spray paint from Design Master, which I purchased from Micheal’s Craft.  Adorable, right?  It looks amazing with the paper ripped off, etc. but I will save that for the final reveal!



I have also been working on a faux roman shade for the odd shaped window in this basement office/studio (see the room here) with this pink and pineapple fabric!  I just couldn’t pass it up when I saw it!  Thank goodness my mom is helping me with the roman shade because it has been a little tricky!  It’s one of those things that can easily be messed up by over thinking it.  Here is a sneak peek of the fabric….. Okay, pineapples are so rad, am I right???


My goal for next week is to paint an area rug to resemble a kilim rug.  I know, I have big aspirations and I am crossing my fingers that it will look as good in real life as it does in my head haha.  Wish me luck!  Thanks for reading and continue to follow along as I progress further each week in this little office/studio!



One Room Challenge Office/Studio: Week 2

I can’t believe another week has past already!  Wow time is flying.  Check out where I started on week 1.  I sat down on the floor in the office today and went through my pile of accessories and pieces that I’m planning on repurpose for this space and it really made me realize how much work and time is going to need to go into this room!  I’m a little nervous but SO excited.  I love to sit down and compare items and furniture and brainstorm ways to create an amazing room.  It really gets my creativity flowing to actually hold items in my hands and visualize everything.  I am loving this process!

So the main thing I did this week was spray paint my old metal desk….. pink!  I picked up this desk for next to nothing from an online classifieds website a while back.  It is a big, deep desk and weighs a TON.  It has been in the office for a while but not necessarily functioning as a desk.  It also barely fit through the doorway into the room, (which is in the basement) so getting it outside to spray paint it was not an option.  I may be crazy…. but I sprayed it inside the house (with all the windows open).  Yikes.

Here is the desk before:

Desk Makeover


Here is the desk prepped for painting:


As you can see above, I covered the floor and wall with paper, I also taped off the top of the desk (which I am leaving the natural wood look), and the legs and drawer pulls.

It worked out pretty well to spray paint the desk inside my house, I did notice a light coating of pink dust on some of the baseboard that wasn’t covered with paper.  But luckily it wiped off!  I will admit, it was pretty risky to spray paint the desk inside the house but I weighed the risks and benefits and decided to go for it!

So, I have been crushing on pale pink for a while now and I immediately knew this was the color I wanted to paint the desk.  I found this lovely pink spray paint at Micheal’s Craft, it’s called “Ballet Slipper”.  It is a perfect pale pink and I love it.  Here is a little sneak peak of the desk.



I have also been working on plans to reconfigure this accent table frame (it used to have a glass top), into a table for my printer.  I want to build a wood top for it and probably spray paint the frame gold.  The printer takes up too much space on top of the desk; I want it out of the way on it’s own table.  I am trying to make this office as functional as possible as well as beautiful!  Which means I need some space to work on top of the desk.  I love using old items to make something new.  I’m all about thrifty over here!



Lastly, here’s a sneak peek of where my design plan is going as far as accessories and colors…  Notice the pale pink tassel on the pillow is the color I painted the desk!  I want to throw in gold accents as well, I mean pale pink and gold… it’s what dreams are made of!  I have so many fun plans for this room, but I don’t want to spoil everything by sharing it now!  So please continue to follow my journey and you will not be disappointed when the room is revealed on week 6!

Check out all the other amazing ORC guest participant’s week 2 progress at Calling it Home.  Here is the link to the invited design bloggers and their amazing spaces.




ORC-one-room-challenge-logo-spring-2016 (1)



The One Room Challenge: Office/Art Studio

Hey everyone!  I’m posting super late on a Thursday night but today has been more than a little busy.  Between chasing Nash and spring cleaning my house, the day just flew by!  Soooo has anyone heard of The One Room Challenge?  I hadn’t until just recently and I am so excited about it!

The challenge is hosted by Linda of Calling it Home.  Twenty design bloggers are chosen to participate and transform a room in 6 weeks!  Each week they post about their progress.  Who doesn’t love dramatic before and after room transformations???  Here are all the design bloggers chosen to partipate in the Spring 2016 ORC.


But anyone with a blog can join as a guest participant–and that’s what I have decided to do!  So I have 6 weeks to totally makeover a room.  I have chosen to transform my……

Office and Art Studio Space!!!!!!!!!!

I’m not sure if it can even be called that yet.  It has tried to function as an office but has been sorely neglected.  It always seems to be the last room on my list to clean and organize, and yes, decorate and remodel.  I could really use a functional and beautiful work space in my home and so that is my goal.  Ultimate function+beauty.  This little baby is getting ALL my attention for the next 6 weeks… along with my other baby Nash of course!

This room was a bedroom for two boys before we bought the house.  It’s located in the basement and part of the ceiling drops low– which can be a little bit of a design challenge.





These were the only before pictures I could dig up, not the best quality.  The walls were tan, ceiling was tan, and the bead board wall was very green.

Several months after we moved in (which was August of 2014) I repainted the walls to look like this:


The bright white paint really brightened up the space.  I love the contrast of the black and white (the black paint is Sherwin Williams Iron Ore).  Before the white paint, this room was by far the darkest room in the house, especially with the drop down ceiling painted tan and the poor lighting.

This little project also happened to one wall shortly after I painted the walls white…


And that’s where everything stopped.  I had big plans for the space but never finished it.  It has since become a room to collect junk and half-finished projects.

I feel like I have a good canvas to start with and I am excited to make this a functional and beautiful office.  I am also a pastel artist and really need to get this space working as a little studio as well!

You can find the links to the invited design bloggers HERE and the links to other guest bloggers HERE.  Follow along on instagram #ORC!  Check back every Thursday when all the bloggers will be posting their progress!

I’m not going to lie… I’m pretty nervous and I hope I can create an amazing space worthy of even being linked to this challenge!  Keep following along!



ORC-one-room-challenge-logo-spring-2016 (1)

Teen Desert Modern Bedroom Reveal


Hi everyone!  I am SOOOOOO excited to share this bedroom reveal with you all!  I have had so much fun designing this room and putting it all together.  This is my 17 year old sister Shelby’s bedroom, and it got a major makeover!  Okay, so can I just say that Shelby is awesome!  She is so adventurous and fearless and I wanted that to reflect in her room design!  I decided to go with a modern-desert feel and throw in some fun colors!

Here are some before pictures of the space.  The walls were painted light gray about a year ago to try and modernize the space.  But it just wasn’t working in this room!  Very little wall decor.  Very blah. This room did not reflect Shelby’s personality at all!



Note the frumpy pink love sac….  I promised her I would replace this with more stylish seating that would be comfortable enough that she would not miss this big blob.  Love sacs just don’t compliment any room!

Before we started all of this, I sat down with Shelby and asked her what she really liked and what she didn’t.  She was pretty easy going about it all and trusted that I would make it awesome.  I wanted her to be surprised, so she didn’t see the room until it was completed, which was so much fun!  Also, I really need to thank my mom who helped a ton  with pulling this off!

Things she really wanted in the space:

1.  A sharpie wall design ( I have a similar one in my office/studio and she loved it)
2.  Incorporation of deer antlers

Here is the new, updated space…. Enjoy!

We painted the walls bright white because this room is in the basement with very little natural light, as the window well is very deep.  Then I drew on the design with a black Sharpie Paint Pen.  This wall is long, like 18 feet long.  So it took ALL DAY to get this design up.  I discovered this sharpie wall design from Vintage Revivals, she is amazing!  We moved the bed to the opposite wall so it would be a focal point when entering the room.
We painted the metal bed frame with black spray paint and it looks so good!  I ordered a simple white blanket off of Amazon for the bedspread.  We found the gray fabric (it has tiny triangles on it) at Hobby Lobby and my mom whipped up some pillow cases.  In like 5 minutes.  And they are perfect.  Because she is just cool like that.
That ottoman.  Oh, that ottoman.  I found it on a facebook yardsale site and requested to purchase it 4 minutes after it was posted.  It’s a good thing I did, because apparently there was a line up of people after me wanting this bad boy.  I paid $25 for it and it’s OLD.  Very sturdy with a solid wood frame.  I think it makes the perfect addition in Shelby’s room!  And honestly, I almost kept it for myself once I got it home.  It’s that good.
My inspiration with this room all started with the black and pink falsa blanket that Shelby already had.  I LOVE falsa blankets, they are just beautiful and southwest and hip.  I knew this blanket needed to be a focal point.  I then tied that same pink color in throughout the space.  The pink throw pillow is from Homegoods.
This dresser is super affordable and from Ikea.  It comes in all natural wood with little wooden knobs. I decided to keep the legs and top natural (we just put a protective finish over it) and painted the rest of it white.  I love the look of natural wood, white, and copper.  Soooo we made some pretty awesome copper pipe drawer pulls.  And you guys, they are SO easy to make!  I found this particular design while searching ideas on pinterest.  You can find it on the blog Mountain Modern Life.
The Marilyn Monroe/Andy Warhol inspired painting was done by yours truly.  When I was like 13 years old haha!  I found it while digging through my old art portfolios and thought it would be a fun addition to the space.  The wire clothes hamper is from Hobby Lobby.
The deer antlers above the bed are super special because this was Shelby’s first buck!  I told you she’s adventurous!  The cactus print and “Be You” prints are from a rad Etsy shop called Lila+Lola.  I fell in love with their designs right away!
I came up with these fun shelves and they were so easy and inexpensive to make.  We spray painted the Home Depot brackets with copper colored metallic spray paint.
We did the same copper pipe drawer pulls on this Ikea Rast nightstand and also added some little legs to improve the overall design.  The lamp is from Wal Mart and the cactus is from Home Depot.
The black butterfly chair is from Target and super comfortable. The padding on it is like 4 inches thick!  It’s the perfect place for Shelby to kick back, put up her feet, and relax!
Let’s look at some detail pictures, shall we?
ZZ15 ZZ16
The curtains are made out of a white sheet with some added trim!
I made this fun bag and jewelry hanger out of a wooden dowel and copper fittings from Home Depot.  Also inspired by Vintage Revivals!
 This magnet board used to be mine years ago.  We gave it a fresh coat of paint and let Shelby slap pictures all over it.  Of course every 17 year old needs a place to do that!  To get an idea of the layout of this room, I’ll explain a couple things.  The room is long and narrow.  Directly across from the bed is Shelby’s TV mounted on the wall, to the left of that is the magnet board, and to the right of that is the dresser and clothes hamper.  I didn’t photograph the TV because there are currently cords everywhere, etc.


The wooden tray is from Hobby Lobby.  I found the spinning caddy at Target a long time ago on clearance, we spray painted it black.
This crazy little wall hanging is actually a floor rug that I bought on clearance at an Alco store that was closing.  I had no idea what I would do with it haha.  So it sat in my storage for several years and I found it while digging through my collection of unused home decor (which takes up an entire room in my basement, mind you).  I found a drastically marked down fabric scrap of faux leather at Hobby Lobby and cut out the design for the middle to give it more of a Southwest vibe.
All of the books on these shelves I pulled off of my parent’s book shelf.  Other items are thrifted like the basket and camera (both from the junk/antique shop Nook and Cranny)
The concrete planter with fake succulents is from Ross.  I love fake succulents!  So awesome to not have to worry about the upkeep!
The pink string lights are from Target.  The wooden book holder is from Hobby Lobby and the white/wooden “S” is from Micheal’s Craft.
ZZ24^Check out these three cuties^
And that’s it!  I can honestly say I am so happy with the way this room turned out!  Shelby loves it too, which is the most important thing!  More posts to come with tutorials, etc!


Nash’s Nursery


Nash’s nursery was so fun for me to design!  My inspiration for the room came when I found the buffalo print from Native Vermont on Etsy (Seriously look this shop up!!  He’s also on Instagram @nativevermont, you will not be disappointed!).  I immediately fell in love with it and just knew everything would fall into place around it!  I loved the teal color of the feather on the buffalo’s head, and decided to loosely go with the colors: teal, orange, gray, brown, mint, and white.

The dream catcher was a gift from one of my best friends.  She had it custom made by Rachel Vivienne Dream Catchers to match Nash’s nursery.  Such a special gift!  Check out the detail photo of the dream catcher at the end of this post.  It is truly beautiful!


We painted the walls “Lighter Mint” by Sherwin Williams.  I love the freshness of this color.  It’s very light so it is not overwhelming and keeps the room bright.  We updated the baseboard to match what we had done in the main part of the house, a tall simple flat baseboard.  I personally love taller baseboard, it has a really classy, finished look.





Okay, so a little back story on our house…  It’s a 1,950 sq. feet 70’s split entry that we purchased a little over a year ago.  I have never loved the look of split level and split entry homes.  But I actually really love the inside of our split entry.  Basically it’s a rambler with two completely separate floors and a kind of weird entry.  I like how the main floor sits up higher than ground level and our basement has windows above ground level.  It also has huge, wide windows which I love because I’m a crazy person when it comes to natural light.  I’m one of those people who wake up in the morning and immediately open the blinds to almost every window in my house.   The rental house we were in before had very little exposure to natural light (or ceiling lights for that matter) and I felt like we were living in a cave.  So big windows was a huge selling point for me.  The house had been completely gutted and renovated about 7 years prior to us purchasing it.  Walls were knocked out in some places and a second staircase going down to the basement was removed to make the kitchen bigger.  Walls and ceilings were painted tan… tan tile was laid… and tan carpet.  SO MUCH BEIGE.  Sorry to beige lovers out there, but beige everything doesn’t excite me.  Needless to say, we’ve painted almost every room in the house at this point.  But that’s a story for anther day… and another room reveal!!!  So this is what Nash’s nursery looked like when we bought the house.  Bleh.  The tan ceilings made me feel like the ceiling was pressing in on us and making everything heavy and dark.  Unfortunately we have to keep the carpet for now… but I am hoping we will replace it in the near future.


I knew that in order to get the crib bedding I wanted, I would have to make it.  I love sewing so this was a fun project.  I made the arrow tail crib quilt, bumper pads, and dust ruffle.  I found the tutorial for the arrow tail quilt on the blog “Sing All You Want”.  It was also featured on  I purchased all of the fabric at Pine Needles–an awesome fabric store located at Gardner Village in Midvale, UT.  I highly recommend them for unique and gorgeous fabric lines.  I paid a local lady to machine quilt the top of the crib quilt (she was recommended by Broadbents- another fun fabric store located in Lehi, UT).  She did an amazing job.  The tutorial for the bumper pads I also found online, but the link no longer exists.  They were very simple and easy to make. (Disclaimer: I am not endorsing bumper pads… I know they are controversial).


One of my favorite parts of Nash’s nursery is the “library”.  The book ledges are from Ikea and so affordable.  Some of the books are mine from when I was little, others I purchased, and some were given to us as gifts.  I’m hoping to encourage Nash to love reading from a young age!  The gold task lamp was a must… I mean hello, gold+task lamp.  Purchased at Target–but of course!
 One thing I knew I needed to splurge on for the nursery was a swivel rocker.  It is SO comfortable and definitely worth the money.  I purchased this swivel rocker from Furniture Now, a local furniture store in American Fork, UT.  I was able to pick the gray tweed-like fabric and have it custom made.  So…. Furniture Now is awesome.  Very affordable and almost every piece of furniture in there you can custom pick your upholstery.  My mom, grandma, and sister have all purchased furniture there since I introduced them to it!
So about the pouf.  I just knew I needed a pouf footstool the moment I started designing the room.  They are so fun and unique.  Poufs are expensive… much more than I thought they would be.  Finally I found this one on Amazon in the teal color of the nursery on the lower end of the pouf price scale.  By the way, husbands don’t need to know what poufs cost… because they simply don’t understand the beauty and necessity of a pouf.  My husband is not into design or unique or quirky things AT ALL, he likes everything “normal”.  Soooo…. the pouf confused him haha.  But I love it!
For Nash’s changing table I was looking everywhere for something white.  I almost splurged on a changing table from Pottery Barn but couldn’t bring myself to do it.  I searched online for a midcentury vintage dresser… but to no avail. (I’m having a love affair with mid century everything right now).  I thought about finding a vintage dresser and painting it… but by that time I was about 7 months pregnant and didn’t feel like attempting that.  Finally I decided on the Ikea Hemnes dresser in dark brown and LOVE it.  I needed some dark in the room to anchor everything and give some contrast to the white and pale mint walls.  I bought the changing mat on amazon and made a white minky cover for it.  When Nash outgrows the changing mat, we can just use this as a dresser which is perfect and so practical.
I found the gray and white woven basket at Target to use as a hamper and it works great!  The long white curtains I made from one white twin size sheet purchased at Wal Mart for $5.  SO… $2.50 per panel… insane right??  I just added some orange ribbon to the inner edge of each panel for some color.  One major bonus to making long curtains out of a sheet is that you can make them as long as you want.  I like super long curtains that hang higher than the window because it lengthens the walls and makes the ceiling feel taller.  It draws the eyes up.  Many already made curtain panels are not quite long enough in my opinion


Here is a view of the other sides of the nursery with the closet and room entry.
Okay, lets just enjoy some detail pictures now….
Photo above by Tayten Kenzie Photography


Photo above by Tayten Kenzie Photography


Photo above by Tayten Kenzie Photography


Photo above by Tayten Kenzie Photography


Photo above by Tayten Kenzie Photography


Photo above by Tayten Kenzie Photography


Photo above by Tayten Kenzie Photography

And… that’s it!!  I hope this inspires others to create and design beautiful nurseries. We are loving Nash’s nursery, it’s such a happy room!  Of course it looks better with Nash in it!! These are some of the newborn pictures taken of Nash by Tayten Kenzie Photography who is amazing.  Check out the links below!


Photo above by Tayten Kenzie Photography
Sources: Crib: Fisher Price // Dresser: Ikea Hemnes // Changing pad: Amazon // Swivel Rocker: Furniture Now // Orange throw pillow: Target // Pouf: Amazon // White shag rug: Target // Nightstand: Ikea // Book/pictures ledges: Ikea // Gold Task Lamp: Room Essentials for Target // Woven hamper: Target  // Buffalo print: Native Vermont // Geometric Grizzly print: Vintage Revivals // Dream Catcher: Rachel Vivienne Dream Catchers  // Rustic wooden frame around buffalo picture: Hobby Lobby // Frames around baby animals, gold leaf pictures, and grizzly picture: Ikea Ribba // Wire basket holding blankets: thrifted // Wire basket on dresser: Hobby Lobby // Wooden arrow: Hobby Lobby // Crib bedding: fabric from Pine Needles, custom made by yours truly