DIY IKEA Rast Hack

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Hey all!  Today I am going to show you how I took a simple IKEA Rast nightstand and made it amazing for the Teen Desert Modern Room Reveal.  So the Rast is pretty basic.  And I will be honest, it is kind of cheaply made… hence the price is only $34.99.  But for a teen bedroom or child’s bedroom it is perfect!  With a price like that, you won’t feel guilty when you tire of it and want to replace it.  Plus, there are things you can do to these simple nightstands that make them almost unrecognizable.  Like we did for Shelby’s room.  It is awesome, huh?!


So this is what the IKEA Rast nightstand looks like once it is put together.  It is the perfect blank slate to come up with your own design!

The first thing we did was paint the drawer fronts and sides with a bright white paint.  My wonderful mom helped out a lot with this project!  I’m not going to mention what paint we used because we are no experts at painting furniture.  And honestly, the paint job turned out okay but could have been better.  We did use a mohair roller from Sherwin Williams which I will recommend.  We put a protective finish over all of the nightstand (including the painted parts) to protect the natural wood from yellowing.

I knew we needed to add legs to dress up this nightstand!  I found these legs at Home Depot.  They are so affordable at only $2.48 each!


We brought the kickboard of the nightstand forward to make it look more natural with legs.  Look at the original Rast photo and you will see what I mean.  To attach the legs onto the nightstand, we bought these brackets also from Home Depot.  The Rast has a hollow bottom so these are necessary if you want to add legs.  As you can see by looking at the brackets, they just screw onto the edges of each corner and then the legs screw into the middle of the brackets.


I spray painted the metal ends of the legs copper with this spray paint from Micheal’s Craft.  We looked at several stores with no luck before finding this copper colored spray paint at Micheal’s!



Like I mentioned before, I found the idea for the copper drawer pulls Mountain Modern Life.  This site is so much fun, take a look around when you visit it, you will not be disappointed!

To make the copper pipe drawer pulls, here’s what you will need:

  1.  1/2 inch copper pipe.  I found that Lowe’s is the most affordable place to get this.
  2.  Copper bell hooks (see below photo).  These were purchased at Lowes.  It is so nice because the pipe slides right through the opening and all you have to do is tighten the screws down.  The underside of the copper bell has a screw as well to attach it right into the pre drilled holes on the drawer fronts of the nightstand (we ended up changing it out for a shorter screw so it didn’t stick out into the inside of the drawer as much).


3.  Copper pipe end caps.  Make sure you get the 1/2 inch end caps, because they are sold in a few different sizes.  These cover up the ends of your copper pipe so there isn’t a hollow open end.  See picture below.  These can be found at Home Depot or Lowes.


The copper pipe drawer pulls were so easy to make and really give the nightstand a whole new look!  I also put these on the IKEA Tarva dresser.







So easy.  So simple.  So affordable.  The IKEA Rast nightstand can really become special and unique with just a little bit of effort.  There are so many great ideas out there to jazz up the IKEA Rast!  Sooo… think of this next time you redo your kids’ rooms or want to update your own bedroom!




Nash’s Nursery Update

Hey everyone!  So a while back I posted Nash’s Nursery Reveal on the blog which you can find here.  I just wanted to do a quick post with a change I made to his dresser as well as some more detailed pictures of his crib quilt because I’ve had a lot of interest in that.  So I always knew I wanted to do something different with the knobs on the Ikea dresser in Nash’s nursery but wasn’t sure what to do. Finally I decided to spray paint them gold and I am SO glad I did!  It gave the dresser a completely different look and the knobs really stand out!  I used the same gold spray paint that I used on the frames for the vintage map DIY I posted about… you can find that here.  I love that I updated the dresser without having to buy anything because I already had the spray paint!  For how easy and fast this was I wish I would have done it months ago!

Here are some more photos of Nash’s Arrow Tail crib quilt that I made!  It was so much fun to pick out all the different fabrics and make this quilt.  If you would like to make an Arrow Tail Quilt you can find an awesome tutorial here. (Posted by the blog “Sing All You Want”).  She has a tutorial for both a crib size and a twin size!  There is something about quilting that is just awesome.. I love it!
Notice the machine quilted pattern in this close up.. the name of this design is called “Widget”, which I thought was cute for some reason haha.  I really love this pattern and I’m glad I picked it for this quilt.
I have to say that Nash’s nursery is a like a little sanctuary in our home!  One of our little routines is rocking in the swivel glider at night with just the lamp turned on and a tired little Nash cuddling with mom!  As soon as I start singing to him his eyes roll back in his head and he relaxes for sleep.  Words cannot express how much I love this little boy of mine!
Well that’s it for this post!  If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen a few little hints of projects I’ve been posting for Shelby’s room makeover which is in the works right now.  So stay posted!


DIY Framed Vintage Map & Ikea Frame Hack

So who doesn’t love vintage maps???  I absolutely love vintage maps and globes, it’s like holding a piece of history in your hands.  When I was browsing a yard sale facebook page one day I found an ad selling vintage maps.  The seller had stacks of maps, all of different parts of the world and different eras.  She was only asking about $10 per map– what a steal!!  So I messaged her and jumped in my car (luckily the seller lived only about 5 minutes away from me) and ended up buying two maps.  I bought an old US map as well as an old world map.  Now what to do with the maps besides just tack them on the wall?  The world map was from a National Geographic Magazine from 1957- pretty fun!  I wanted to display the world map in my living room and after brainstorming, I decided to cut the map up and frame it.
Supplies needed to re-create your own version:
1. Vintage map
2. White Ikea Ribba frames
3. Gold spray paint
4. Cutting mat and rotary roller
How to:
First measure what you need for each frame.  You will most likely waste some of the map.  The world map I used was wide enough but not tall enough to completely fill the frames, so I ended up cutting some off of another map and connecting it to the top of this map (see above).  Even though it is different I still feel like it flows pretty well
My map was BIG.  Too big to use a scrapbooking paper cutter.  So I ended up using my sewing cutting mat and rotary roller and just measured and cut up the map.  It was defiantly the easiest option.  I then place heavy books on the map for a few days to attempt to get the creases out of it.  It worked somewhat but in the end I decided the creases didn’t really bother me and so I went ahead and used them as is.
Next, spray paint the Ikea frames.  There are so many different gold spray paints out there that it can be overwhelming to know what to buy.  Some are way too metallic or just not right.  This is the BEST gold spray pain I have found.  Design Master antique gold.  I purchased this at Micheal’s Craft.
Once the frames are sprayed and dried, you can frame your map!  And the masterpiece is complete!  All you need to do now is just measure and make sure your frames are level and equal distances from each other on the wall, and then hang.  I hope this inspires those who need ideas of what to do with old maps!  Let me know if you have any questions!