DIY Boxwood Wreath

Hey hey hey!  Life is good isn’t it?  Warmer weather is approaching and soon it will be Summer and my little family will be vacationing on the beaches of Mexico.  Can June please come sooner???  Anyway, I love warm weather and sunshine and I love to see everything becoming green again.  What better way to add a little life to your home than a greener than green boxwood wreath on your front door to welcome guests to your world?  Boxwood wreaths are all the rage, but they can be a little pricey.  But the good news is, if you’re willing to hunt down a few simple items and sit down and work on a project for a bit, you can DIY your own for a much better price.

I’ve got some major goals involving improving the curb appeal of our home and I think this simple wreath will really add a lot.  Of course I have some much bigger and more expensive projects on the list, but why not tackle the wreath first for a quick win to jumpstart my plans?

You will only need 4 simple items to make your own boxwood wreath.  So easy!!!

  1. Scissors
  2. Wire wreath form

2. Floral Wire

3. Boxwood garland

I purchased the wire wreath form, floral wire, and boxwood garland at Hobby Lobby.  It was great because the boxwood garland was 50% off and I was able to use a 40% off coupon on the wreath form.  This was definitly cheaper than buying a similar wreath already made.  Here is how to put together your boxwood wreath:

Wrap your garland around the wreath form, securing it on the back with floral wire as you go.  Once you wrap the entire wreath form, cut off the excess garland.

Then cut off all the little sprigs from the excess garland.  I used these extra pieces to fill in my wreath throughout and make it more full.

And just like that it’s complete and ready to hang up!  I really love the way it looks against the color of my front door.  These two colors seem to complement each other very well.  If you would like a boxwood wreath but you don’t want to spend a fortune, then make your own like I did.  It was a quick project that I finished in under an hour while I watched TV.  I hope you like this tutorial!  Thanks for all your support as viewers of my blog!  I appreciate it more than you know!



Simple Lampshade Makeover

Happy Spring!!  Am I allowed to say that yet?  It’s actually sunny and in the 60’s here today so I’m definitely feeling Springtime coming on!  Spring reminds me of starting fresh… in every way, including my house.  This season always makes me want to lighten things up and bring on the pastels and whites.  So today I’m sharing a little lampshade makeover that is very Springtime-inspired.

I’m getting SO close to revealing my living room.  YAY.  I’ve been mulling over and obsessing over this space for SO LONG.  I was at a place where I couldn’t quite figure out what was missing but something definitely was.  Most specifically involving color.  Then one day it just hit me… I knew EXACTLY what I needed to add to the space to complete it.  This lampshade makeover was inspired by my new plan.  I can’t wait to reveal the entire space soon.

I knew I wanted a pale blush colored lampshade and searched everywhere online with no luck.  So I decided to recover my current lampshade.  I saved money doing this rather than buying a new one anyway!  I started out with this dark gray shade from Target.  I’ve had the shade for a while and still like it… but I was ready for a change.

This is the pale blush fabric I bought.  I also bought some thicker white canvas-like fabric to line the shade underneath the blush fabric because it’s pretty lightweight and the dark gray shade would show through for sure.  Making my blush shade not so blush.

I didn’t want a plain shade, but I also didn’t want it too busy.  I have a lot of patterns going in this room and I felt like adding another one would be a bit much.  So I decided to sew a few lines across the fabric with my sewing machine to add a little interest while still keeping it simple and minimal.

So my lampshade is a drum shade but it’s not actually the exact same diameter around the top as the bottom.  So this made it a little tricky when measuring out the fabric for the shade.  I didn’t want weird gathers.  I ended up laying the shade on its side and rolling it across the fabric while measuring.  I ended up with fabric shaped like this.  This method wouldn’t work if you had striped fabric (or other patterned fabric that needs to go a certain direction) because the stripes would start to go diagonal.  But it worked great for what I wanted.

I then used a hot glue gun and covered the shade in the white fabric.  Once the white fabric was in place, I began wrapping the blush fabric around the shade while hot gluing it.

Once I had it all glued down, I took some white biased tape and covered the raw edge around the top of the inside of the lamp.  This lamp sits on a table that is kind of low and I didn’t want that messy, raw edge visible when looking down at the lamp.  The biased tape worked perfectly!

Pretty adorable, am I right?  When I can’t find in a store what I see in my mind… I make it myself.  And most of the time, I’m very glad I did.  This isn’t the first time I’ve recovered a lampshade, see my other one here.  Tired of your lampshades?  Bored of them maybe?  Go to the fabric store and find something new… the possibilities are endless!



Copper Wire & String Heart DIY Craft


Happy Valentine’s Day!!  Well… tomorrow I guess.  But hey it’s not too early to start celebrating the holiday devoted to love.  I adore Valentine’s Day.. it’s seriously so fun having a little boy in addition to a husband, because now I have two valentines!  I whipped up this fun Valentine’s Day craft and wanted to share.  It was SO easy to make and also super fast.  A long time ago, I bought a whole bunch of embroidery hoops at the thrift store and have been making crafts with them ever since!  Check out this simple Springtime wreath and Boho wall hanging– both made with embroidery hoops.  I am so in love with this cute copper wire and string heart… here’s how to make it:

Supplies needed:

  1. Embroidery hoop
  2. Copper wire
  3. Red crochet thread (or any kind of red string)
  4. Hot glue gun
  5. Ribbon

This is the crochet thread I picked up at Micheal’s Craft

First, I cut a piece of copper wire and formed the heart.  Lucky for me, my husband is an electrician and had some copper wire that I was able to use for this craft!  I then took another piece of copper wire and crisscrossed the heart shape until I ran out of wire.  I then cut a long piece of the red crochet thread and hot glued the end to the back of one piece of copper wire.  I then began crisscrossing the thread across the heart, hot gluing it to the back of the wire as I went and so it wouldn’t slide around.  I didn’t do any particular pattern, just did what felt right haha.  And last, I looped a piece of ribbon around the embroidery hoop to hang it.  Pretty easy, right?  I know Valentine’s Day is tomorrow, but it’s not too late to make one of these and hang it up in your house to celebrate!

Okay, now for some thoughts about my two lover boys.  Haha. I’m so grateful for my husband Dax, who has been very supportive of me trying this whole design/DIY/blog thing.  He knows that interior design has always been my passion, and even though it’s not always his favorite thing to help me with my many projects, he does it.  He works so hard to support our little family.  Sometimes he has a tough exterior, but he has the biggest heart.  Nash is now 18 months old and oh man does he keep my hands full.  He is a busy, busy little boy!  Nash is such a sweetheart and I really think he’s going to be a heart breaker for all the girls when he’s older.  He is so loving and will come up behind me when I’m sitting on the floor and give me a big hug.  One of my favorite things about this is he holds the hug for several seconds, not just a quick hug.  It makes a mama’s heart burst!  He loves to give mama hugs and kisses and I of course LOVE that.  He is very social and charming and captures the hearts of pretty much everybody he encounters.  I have the two best Valentines a girl could ask for.  This photo is from our engagements 5 years ago… wow time flies!

Photo above by Bluebird Pictures

And here is a “real life” picture of Nash… buttons undone on his onesie, chocolate on his chin (because sometimes moms get desperate), with messy hair, standing on his favorite chair in our living room.

Well, I hope this inspires some of you to make a copper and string heart decoration for Valentine’s Day.  And I hope you all have a perfect Valentine’s Day full of lots and lots of LOVE.




DIY Mini Christmas Terrariums

So I have always loved miniature things.  I still have my dollhouse from when I was young that is decked out in realistic furniture and decorative details.  It is currently in my “storage unit” bedroom in the basement, but I’m hoping one day I will have a daughter who will love it as much as I did!  So When I started seeing cute mini Christmas terrariums all around the interweb, I just knew I had to make some of my own to add to my Christmas decor this year.

I already had these cute wood and glass containers… candle holders? Jars?  I’m not sure what to call them, but they are from Target!  At one point I had cacti planted in them, which you can see here!  I decided a while ago to empty them because my cacti collection was getting a little out of control and I’ve been trying to declutter.  Just a continuation of the Kon-Mari method I implemented last spring in my home, which you can read about here.  Life changing I tell you!

These are so easy to make and if you don’t have containers like this you can use basic mason jars, which are also very cute.  I personally like the more modern look of these open top containers though!

I simply poured some sugar in and then started arranging my mini’s.  Nash already had the buck deer (which he calls an Elk haha).  I found the doe at Micheal’s Craft as well as the frosted pine trees.  The tiny deer and camper in the smaller terrarium are also from Micheal’s Craft.  The tiny pine trees are from the bargain section at Target!  Man I love that bargain section haha.  One of our favorite things to do as a family is to go camping in our trailer, so when I saw this cute camper I just had to get it!

I’m pretty happy with my little terrariums!  I love the simplicity of them.  I’ve really been trying to get away from gobby, overdone, and cluttery Christmas decorations.  It’s just not me anymore.  I’m all about the clean and simple now.  I highly suggest making some of these to add to your Christmas/Winter collection!  They are so cute and you will love them.  Even my husband (who normally doesn’t say much about my projects, because he’s just not into that stuff, said he really liked them and thought they were cool).  So I would say that’s a win!

I wish you all the best this Christmas season as we celebrate the birth of our Savior Jesus Christ!  Let’s not get so caught up in the purchases and parties that we forget to remember what He did for us.  I also think that if we reflect on Christ’s entire life (rather than just His birth) during the Christmas season, we can better appreciate the magnitude of who He is and what He did for us!

Check out some of my other Christmas DIY projects, including my favorite–The Christ Centered Advent Calender.

DIY Christ Centered Advent Calender

DIY Himmeli Ornaments

DIY Geometric Garland



Some Fall Inspiration for Y ‘all

October is finally here and I am loving it!  Fall is my favorite season hands down and decorations add to the fun.  So my style has changed quite a bit the past couple of years.  I went through about a year of being ‘lost’ in my style…. basically not liking my old style but still struggling to find what I really did love.  And of course experiencing guilt and confusion for not liking the chippy paint vintage look anymore when I SO LOVED it before.  I then went through another year of finding my new style and fine tuning it.  I am happy to say that I have found it and I am much more sure about what I want, which definitely makes shopping a whole lot easier!  I have a great appreciation for many decorating styles and of course mixing them is SO okay too.  Better in fact.  Much more lived in and less ‘staged’.

With that being said, when I pulled out many of my old Halloween and Fall decorations and put them up… I just wasn’t feeling it.  Too much clutter… too much everything.  So I pulled down what I didn’t love and simplified things a lot.  It is much more minimalistic and a lot more “me”.  So here’s some Fall inspiration for y’all!  Kemley style…



^^ I purchased a sprig of fake fall leaves at Hobby Lobby, cut them off the stem, spray painted them gold and copper, and made a banner.  The copper pumpkin on the top shelf is a real one I spray painted as well.  The wooden “Gather” banner on leather cord is from Target.




^^ I LOVE mini pumpkins… I got these from my parent’s pumpkin patch.  Of course I had to spray some gold!


^^ This gold metal vase is Nate Berkus for Target


^^ The chair is from Target, it was originally teal but I sprayed it gold a few months back.  I also painted a couple more pumpkins copper for outside.


^^ Recently I painted our front doors this stormy-blue color and they look SO much better.  The white paint was very chipped before.  I also got a new door handle and lock which I am IN LOVE with.  I will post some before and after pictures soon.. the difference is amazing!


So what do you think?  The inside is much more ‘minimalist’ and simple than the front porch area, but I love both.  I also feel like the inside decor could stay up through Thanksgiving and still look great and not too “Halloweeny”.  Haha made up words, right..  Anyway, I hope you liked it and this inspires some of you to switch up your Fall and holiday decor!



How to Make a Macrame Wall Hanging + A Boho Wedding Celebration


Hey all!  I can’t believe that it is already the end of September!  Summer flew by way too fast, but I will admit I’m excited for Fall.  I love Fall leaves and smells and the crispness of the air.  Anyway…. I want to show you guys how to make a {giant} macrame wall hanging and share some photos of a Bohemian Wedding that I helped design this Summer.

My sister Aly got married at the beginning of August and I knew we needed a really unique backdrop for the couple to stand in front of during the reception.  I came up with the idea to make a giant macrame to match the Boho theme of the wedding.  I would have to say it turned out pretty awesome.  Let’s check out some photos of the macrame…


This macrame is about 6 feet tall.  A long piece of rebar was pounded into the ground, we then slid a copper pipe over the rebar and attached  the macrame to the copper pipe through a hole drilled in the pipe.  We used a lot of copper accents for this wedding reception design.  The flowers were done by an amazing florist, Pam’s Floral and Design out of Pleasant Grove, UT.





This macrame is a smaller version I made to welcome guests to the wedding reception.  We bought the wooden letters from Micheal’s Craft to spell out “Aly & Ryan”.  Pam also did the flowers for this smaller macrame.


Here are some more photos of the wedding reception decor and so you can get a feel for the Boho vibe we were shooting for.  I am so in love with the flowers!


Photo above by Lydia Ripplinger Photography


Photo above by Lydia Ripplinger Photography


Photo above by Lydia Ripplinger Photography


Photo above by Lydia Ripplinger Photography; Cake by Heidi Carter


Photo above by Lydia Ripplinger Photography


Photo above by Lydia Ripplinger Photography


Photo above by Lydia Ripplinger Photography

This Bohemian inspired wedding reception for Aly and Ryan turned out amazing.  I am so happy that I took the plunge and learned how to make a macrame because I don’t feel like any other back drop could have made such a statement.  And it’s great because a macrame can be used for so many things besides a wedding backdrop.  It can be used as a decorative wall hanging in a house or to hang behind a bed as a faux head board.  And they were seriously SO easy to make.  These large macrames are made out of clothes line rope from Home Depot.  This rope is pretty inexpensive.  Of course a smaller scale macrame would need a smaller diameter rope than these.  Want to make your own macrame????  Check out the instructions below!


It is hard to describe in words how to do the macrame knots.  But it is really so simple.  Look at the photos to see each step.












I found it was easiest to get the knots tight and equally spaced by hanging the macrame up while making it.

So easy and simple, right?  I had so much fun making these and I really want to make a miniature version to hang in my house somewhere.  Let me know if you have any questions about the wedding decor or the macrame.







DIY Simple Modern Spring Wreath


Springtime is in full swing and what better way to celebrate warmer weather ahead and new beginnings than a new door wreath?  After all the darkness of Fall and Winter, it’s refreshing to bring out some fresh greenery into your home.  Whether it’s faux greenery like this wreath, or fresh flowers in a vase, it all shouts Springtime to me!


I am all about simplicity.  I love the look of simple, minimalist designs.  I had the design for this wreath in my head and decided to use another one of my thrifted embroidery hoops to make it happen!  For this wreath, I used the part of a hoop that doesn’t have the metal bracket piece.

What you need to make this modern simple wreath:

  1. Embroidery hoop
  2. Sprigs of fake greenery (I purchased these branches at Hobby Lobby and cut off each little sprig)
  3. Leather cord
  4. Ribbon
  5. Hot glue gun




First, I hot glued the leather cord all around the lip of the embroidery hoop.  I have a leather obsession currently and I love what it adds to this wreath!  Then start gluing the sprigs of greenery onto the hoop wherever it feels right!  I overlapped them quite a bit.

Last but not least find a piece of ribbon to hang the wreath.  I dug though my massive basket of ribbon scrapes and found some navy ribbon to hang my wreath on my pantry door!  I’m liking it!  Perfectly simple and minimal…. just my style.  Check out these other DIY projects with embroidery hoops: Copper Wire & String DIY Heart and the Boho Wall Hanging.






DIY Boho Wall Hanging


Happy Friday everybody!  Today I have a simple DIY wall hanging tutorial.  A couple of years ago, I picked up several embroidery hoops in multiple sizes at DI (thrift store similar to Goodwill) for next to nothing in price.  I finally decided that today was the day to actually make something with one of these hoops I had been hoarding!

Supplies needed to make this Boho wall hanging:

  1. Embroidery hoop of any size depending on how big you want your wall hanging


2. Yarn (I bought this black yarn at Hobby Lobby for $2.99)


3. Wooden beads (These are from Hobby Lobby and just a couple dollars for a bag of them)


4. Leather cord to hang the embroidery hoop with (also purchased at Hobby Lobby)


How to make:

Wrap each piece of yarn around the hoop and tied a knot at the bottom.  I left a long tail on each piece to thread a bead onto.  I started all of the yarn at the center of the hoop and then angled them out.



Continue this until you fill up the center with yarn.  Then cut each piece of yarn like below and thread a wooden bead on each piece.  I just tied a double knot on the yarn to keep the bead in place.


It’s really just that simple!  Once you are finished, cut a small piece of leather and tie it around the metal piece on the hoop to hang your Boho wall hanging!  I hope this inspires some of you to make one of your own!



Want to see more DIY crafts using embroidery hoops?  Check out the Simple Springtime Wreath and Copper Wire & String Heart.



DIY IKEA Rast Hack

PicMonkey Collage1X

Hey all!  Today I am going to show you how I took a simple IKEA Rast nightstand and made it amazing for the Teen Desert Modern Room Reveal.  So the Rast is pretty basic.  And I will be honest, it is kind of cheaply made… hence the price is only $34.99.  But for a teen bedroom or child’s bedroom it is perfect!  With a price like that, you won’t feel guilty when you tire of it and want to replace it.  Plus, there are things you can do to these simple nightstands that make them almost unrecognizable.  Like we did for Shelby’s room.  It is awesome, huh?!


So this is what the IKEA Rast nightstand looks like once it is put together.  It is the perfect blank slate to come up with your own design!

The first thing we did was paint the drawer fronts and sides with a bright white paint.  My wonderful mom helped out a lot with this project!  I’m not going to mention what paint we used because we are no experts at painting furniture.  And honestly, the paint job turned out okay but could have been better.  We did use a mohair roller from Sherwin Williams which I will recommend.  We put a protective finish over all of the nightstand (including the painted parts) to protect the natural wood from yellowing.

I knew we needed to add legs to dress up this nightstand!  I found these legs at Home Depot.  They are so affordable at only $2.48 each!


We brought the kickboard of the nightstand forward to make it look more natural with legs.  Look at the original Rast photo and you will see what I mean.  To attach the legs onto the nightstand, we bought these brackets also from Home Depot.  The Rast has a hollow bottom so these are necessary if you want to add legs.  As you can see by looking at the brackets, they just screw onto the edges of each corner and then the legs screw into the middle of the brackets.


I spray painted the metal ends of the legs copper with this spray paint from Micheal’s Craft.  We looked at several stores with no luck before finding this copper colored spray paint at Micheal’s!



Like I mentioned before, I found the idea for the copper drawer pulls Mountain Modern Life.  This site is so much fun, take a look around when you visit it, you will not be disappointed!

To make the copper pipe drawer pulls, here’s what you will need:

  1.  1/2 inch copper pipe.  I found that Lowe’s is the most affordable place to get this.
  2.  Copper bell hooks (see below photo).  These were purchased at Lowes.  It is so nice because the pipe slides right through the opening and all you have to do is tighten the screws down.  The underside of the copper bell has a screw as well to attach it right into the pre drilled holes on the drawer fronts of the nightstand (we ended up changing it out for a shorter screw so it didn’t stick out into the inside of the drawer as much).


3.  Copper pipe end caps.  Make sure you get the 1/2 inch end caps, because they are sold in a few different sizes.  These cover up the ends of your copper pipe so there isn’t a hollow open end.  See picture below.  These can be found at Home Depot or Lowes.


The copper pipe drawer pulls were so easy to make and really give the nightstand a whole new look!  I also put these on the IKEA Tarva dresser.







So easy.  So simple.  So affordable.  The IKEA Rast nightstand can really become special and unique with just a little bit of effort.  There are so many great ideas out there to jazz up the IKEA Rast!  Sooo… think of this next time you redo your kids’ rooms or want to update your own bedroom!




Easy DIY Curtain Panels for $5

Happy Wednesday everyone!  Wednesdays are a little rough for me because I am actually a registered nurse (surprise!) who works every Tuesday night until 6 am.  I then come home to my almost 8 month old son who is ready to be up for the day.  So I generally sleep for about 2-3 hours after work.  Blah.  Anyway enough with the pity party.  I do have to say I’m proud to be posting on a Wednesday considering my state of mind.  Haha.  It can be a little hard to be motivated on Wednesdays.
Guys.  I am excited to share this simple curtain panel tutorial with you!  It makes me happy to share ideas to beautify rooms without breaking the bank!  These curtain panels that I made for Shelby’s room are SO easy and fast to whip up.
You will need:
1.  One twin size flat sheet (I buy the cheap $5 Walmart Mainstays sheet)
2. Thread to match your sheet
3. Sewing machine
How to make the panels:
1. Measure your flat sheet and cut it lengthwise exactly down the middle so you have two equal halves (each half will have a wider hemmed edge which would normally go at the head of the bed if used as a sheet; the other half has a smaller hemmed edge–this will be the top of the curtain panel)
2.  Hem the raw edge on each panel, see picture below
3. Then measure how much space your curtain rod will need to slide easily in the opening.  You don’t want it too loose or too tight.  As you can see below, the sheet didn’t exactly match up when folded over on that right side.  Once hung, this isn’t an issue and you can’t even tell.  When it doesn’t show in the end product, I’ve learned not to stress imperfections like this.  After all, this is a $5 walmart sheet so it probably wasn’t perfect in shape to begin with.  Note: be sure to hem the side BEFORE hemming over the opening for the rod.  Or you will be unpicking stitches.  This was a mistake I made the first time I made a pair of these for my living room.
And it’s just that simple!  It’s so nice using a sheet, because two out of the four sides of a panel are already finished! We ended up adding some fun trim to the curtains in Shelby’s room that my mom found at JoAnn’s Craft to jazz them up a little bit.  
Also, just a side note: when I hang curtains in a room, they are purely for cosmetic reasons, not to actually pull across the window.  So the width of the curtain doesn’t really matter to me.  I like how these “twin sheet” curtain panels are not too bulky and wide.  
TIPS for hanging curtains:
-Always hang the rod higher than the window casing–you want to lengthen the window and make it seem taller.  This will also make the ceiling seem higher. 
-Hang the curtain rod quite a bit wider than the window so the curtains aren’t covering too much of the window cutting off that natural light and making the window seem narrower.
This picture displays a very clear example of how important it is to hang curtains correctly.  As you can see, the windows are the same size but window #2 seems SO MUCH BIGGER!
Photo via Homegoods
I love white curtains.  I really feel like they brighten up a room and bring some crisp cleanliness to a space.  I made long white curtains for my living room as well as Nash’s Nursery.  
Well I hope this inspires some of you to make some awesome curtain panels for $5!  Can’t beat that!  Follow me on pinterest and instagram, where you will see sneak peeks of future projects and room reveals!