Cacti… the only plants I can keep alive

So… I’ve killed A LOT of succulents.  I have over watered, under watered, and planted them in containers with poor drainage systems.  Every time I killed off a succulent, I learned something new about what I should have done.  The last time I planted them, I really thought I finally got it right.  But they died.  I am now a firm believer in fake succulents.  Some fake succulents look very… well, FAKE.  But I’ve found a few great little fakes that look very real.  They always look amazing and healthy and are completely mess free.

I didn’t want to give up completely on growing things, so I turned to cacti.  I really love the southwest feel of cacti.  I’m so over real succulents… It’s all about the cacti for me now.  I purchased some great little cacti at Home Depot,  they have a pretty good cacti selection.  I planted them in the same glass containers that I purchased about two years ago from Target. The same containers all my succulents died in.   I placed small rocks in the bottom for good drainage (purchased at Home Depot).  My cacti are thriving!!  So if you struggle keeping succulents looking healthy and attractive, or simply struggle keeping them alive (like me), try planting a cactus.  You will love it!




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