5 Ceiling Fans Worthy of Your Home

Ceiling fans…. sigh.  Very nice to have for practical reasons,  but SO many of them are just bad.  I have never liked the look of traditional ceiling fans.  That’s just me though!  When we bought our house, there was a ceiling fan in the living room.  We like the fan for practical reasons… Utah summers can get pretty hot.  I hate turning our central air up too much because of cost.  So the ceiling fan is great.  But not great looking…. So we upgraded to a more modern and sleek ceiling fan.  I actually really love the way it looks!

I wanted to put together a post about some good ceiling fan options.  Of course, everybody has their own opinion about ceiling fans.  So if you love your traditional looking ceiling fan… then great, that is what’s important!  But for those of you out there looking for something more, I have your back.  So here is a roundup of 5 great ceiling fans.  P.S.  I bought one of these for my living room.  Which one do you think it is?

  1. Clarity Max Ceiling Fan by Monte Carlo    
  2. Roto Ceiling Fan by Minka-Aire    
  3. Railey Ceiling Fan by Home Decorator’s Collection
  4. Java Ceiling Fan by Minka-Aire       
  5. Revue Ceiling Fan by Casa Vieja    

All of these fans meet the practicality factor without suffering on style.  definitely an upgrade from the typical ceiling fan!  Just a side note–my living room reveal is coming soon (as soon as my husband helps me with a DIY coffee table!!).  And then you can see which fan I picked!  In the meantime I will be working on Liberty’s room makeover (which got put on hold due to unexpected time constraints) and I am SO excited because we are going to make some big strides in the next week with that space.  Check out the design plan here.  I am also super excited about my living room reveal… I was struggling for a while because I kept feeling like something was missing in the space but had no idea what.  Annnnnd I discovered what that was a few days ago.  Now it’s coming together like never before and I’m in love.  So stay tuned for a couple of good room reveals!!



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