4 Tips to Remember While Spring Cleaning



Hey everyone!  So today I’m going to go over 4 tips to remember while Spring cleaning!  Just recently I started into Spring cleaning my house, and wow it is time consuming!  Growing up, my mom always “Spring Cleaned” the house every Spring, which included things like washing walls and windows.  Now that I have a house of my own I’m figuring out what works best for me with my own Spring cleaning and I’ve decided to share 4 tips about Spring cleaning!

4 Tips:

#1:  Ajax is your best friend.  If something needs to be scrubbed off, including hard water on faucets and fridge ice/water machines, Ajax is where it’s at!  That powder is like magic and it’s also like $1.  The cheapest, most effective cleaner out there I swear!  It also did a great job cleaning the underside of our microwave/vent which is above our stove and was a yucky, greasy mess.  I also use Ajax to scrub our tubs, and it works wonders on getting rid of soap residue.   Just toss some of that powder onto a scrubber and go to work!  Shown below are my go-to cleaners for everyday cleaning and Spring cleaning!

  • Lysol bathroom cleaner
  • Windex and Sprayway glass cleaners
  • Ajax!!
  • Pledge for dusting
  • I also use Lysol Kitchen cleaner and 409



#2:  Blinds require special attention.  I have come to the conclusion that just lightly dusting off blinds is not good enough.  I found that the best way to get nice, new looking blinds is to wipe each and every slate, often more than once because dust smears.  I fill a bucket with warm water and little bit of dish soap, get the rag wet in the soapy water, wring it out, and then add some 409 cleaner to the rag.  409 is awesome in getting rid of fingerprints and other grime that you wouldn’t think would be on your blinds.  It’s crazy how dirty blinds actually are once you get up close and really look at them.  Blinds definitely need to be cleaned every Spring, if not more often!  I’m all about practicality while cleaning, so if an old ice cream bucket works then it’s good enough for me!  Haha.  A fancy bucket isn’t going to get those blinds any cleaner!



#3:  Good Smelling Scents are Important.  Whether you prefer candles or scentsy or home fragrance oil (like I do), get those good smells permeating your house!  Spring cleaning gets me excited to de-clutter and change up a space and good smells are necessary to get the feel of a renewed and refreshed space.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE home fragrance oils from Greenleaf!  My very favorite is a scent called “Hope”, it is lovely and the name totally fits it!  A close second is a scent called “Orange and Honey”.  The oil can be put in any warmer, but I prefer the light bulb ring.  It sits right on the light bulb in your lamp.  All you have to do is put several drops of oil in it, turn on the lamp, and pretty soon the house smells so good!  Just use a low 40 watt light bulb to prevent a slight burning smell that I have experienced with a higher watt bulb haha.  Visit Greenleaf’s website to find these amazing oils!



#4:  Don’t stress out if your Spring cleaning takes longer than a day.  I honestly thought I could get my entire house done in one day.  My sweet little sister babysat Nash for 4 hours of the day and I seriously never got out of the kitchen in that 4 hours!  I then finished the cleaning day with Nash at home with me, which was not super productive because he is an 8 month old who doesn’t nap and likes to roll around and get into everything!  So in that day I got the kitchen appliances and cupboards really clean, the blinds and window sills in the kitchen and living room, and the baseboard in the kitchen and living room.  I didn’t want to brush over things really quick and not get things very clean just to get more done.  The quality was more important than the quantity.  This type of cleaning is only done once a year to this extent, so it is a time to be very thorough.


I am planning on getting the entire house done within the next couple weeks.  The main living space of our house is already feeling so much cleaner and fresher!  As a final touch, I cut some lilac sprigs from our yard and put them in a vase on our kitchen table.  It was so nice sitting there in my clean, fresh kitchen with fresh lilac on the table and the scent of the lilac and “Hope” floating through the air.  Perfection!  I hope this inspires you all to Spring clean your house!  I think all of us could use a cleaner house and it just feels SO GOOD.  It is worth all the hard work for sure!











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