4 Different, Yet Beautiful Vignettes

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Happy Thursday everyone!  I hope your day has been fabulous.  So I have been reading the book “Styled” by Emily Henderson and it is amazing.   I’m soaking up every word like a sponge and it is for certain now that design is where my true passion lies because this book is like Christmas to me haha.  The book is about “secrets for arranging rooms, from tabletops to bookshelves.”  YES.  I am a total nerd.

So in the book she introduces stylists “insider speak”.  Ya know, little words and phrases one will encounter with designers and stylists.  Vignette is one such word.  A vignette is a smallish arrangement of objects or furniture, usually including pieces that reflect the personality of the person who lives there.  Good design in your own home should not look like a generic showroom of someone else’s ideas and stuff!  Sooooo I decided to play around with stuff I already own and create four different vignettes around the same arm chair.  It is crazy how much you can change the look of a space by changing items in a vignette while still keeping the bigger, more permanent pieces like furniture.  You don’t need to buy new furniture to totally change the look of a room!  You just need to style it differently, especially if your furniture has good bones.  We can’t forget that, the furniture MUST have good bones.  Some furniture will just never be good haha.  Let’s analyze and enjoy these 4 little vignettes now….

Vignette #1:  Polished Southwest







The falsa blanket, throw pillow design, cactus print, potted cactus, and the blue ceramic vase all speak Southwest, yet polished with the brass vase and coaster.  Maybe a little sophisticated with the books, yet comfortable with the casually tossed blanket.  I could relax here.  What do you think?


Vignette #2: Western Bohemian







The wall hanging, multiple plants, and accent table point towards bohemian, yet the pillow and fur add warmth and a western feel to the vignette.  The plants and mug make the space feel casual and inviting, like you just may want to sit down and stay awhile.


Vignette #3: Midcentury Modern




I love this look!  This vignette has clean lines and not too much going on.  The chair itself has Midcentury bones with the winged silhouette, and so this look came together effortlessly.  The gold starburst, task lamp, and orange accent pillow all feel Midcentury to me.  The wall hanging is simple and graphic with the black and white color palette (and can you believe it’s a placemat??!!).

Vignette #4: Traditional Shabby Chic




This look is for the person who likes things more traditional and vintage.  The floral pillow, white pitcher vase, and yellow milk bottle candle all have a shabby chic feel.  The vintage bicycle canvas and suitcase help complete the look.  And of course there must be an open vintage book in this vignette for some personality.  My style has evolved so much over the past couple of years to be a mix of the first three vignettes.  This last vignette is something that I personally loved several years back but it just doesn’t speak to me much anymore.  But this look is timeless and beautiful for those who love it still.


Pretty soon here, I will be finishing my living room and revealing it, so it’s been good for me to experiment with different vignettes and styles to decide what I really love.  So what do you think of the 4 vignettes???  Which one is your favorite and what would you love in your own home?  I would love to hear your input!




2 thoughts on “4 Different, Yet Beautiful Vignettes

    1. I think so too! Both styles are in my house:) Emily Henderson says to mix opposites on the style wheel (like midcentury modern and traditional for example), I feel like almost any styles can me mixed if done right!

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