Kemley Design featured in J-14 Decorate Magazine!

Ok people… To say I’m excited about this would be an understatement!  I was approached by an editor of J-14 Decorate Magazine in January asking to feature some photos of Shelby’s Teen Desert Modern Room I designed!  Of course I said yes.  This room remains one of my favorite projects to date.  The editor asked if J-14 could use a couple of pictures for a “Trend Report” that would be desert themed.  She also told me they really liked my idea of hanging a rug up on the wall in place of a woven tapestry and wanted to feature that as a simple DIY project!



J-14- Decorate is a print only magazine that releases four issues a year.  Shelby’s Teen Desert Modern Room is featured in the Summer 2017 issue that just came out recently.  I purchased the magazine at Target and I will admit that it was pretty dang exciting to pick up a magazine right there in one of my favorite stores and flip to the page with my name and photos featured.  Shelby is also pretty excited to see her bedroom featured in a magazine… how many teens get to have that experience?

SO… check out J-14 Decorate Magazine.  It’s a very cute teen décor magazine with lots of trendy ideas and DIY projects.  If you have a teen daughter who is interested in interior design (like I was back in the day, and have remained so ever since) then check out this magazine!  Or check it out just for fun!  It can be found everywhere magazines are sold.  Also, Shelby’s entire bedroom is amazing so take a look here!