Kemley Design now has a Logo and it’s JUST my Style

Hey all!  As you now know from the title of this post, Kemley Design has a logo!  I had been wanting a logo for a long time and finally reached out to the very talented Heidi Carter for some help designing my logo.  I told her I wanted something simple, minimal, and black and white.  She came up with multiple options and ideas and had the example logos sent to me SO FAST.  Amazing service for sure.  She is so creative (I know her personally so I can vouch that this is true).  She came up with some awesome example logos even though I gave her hardly any instruction as to what I wanted it to look like.

Don’t you love this logo?  It’s so me.  It is perfect for Kemley Design and the way I want my blog to be represented.

Check out Heidi’s Etsy shop right now!!  She has a lot of great printables that are instant downloads- great for those impatient people like myself haha.  AND she even takes custom orders… I know from personal experience that with a custom order she delivers and is so great to work with.  So if you need a great printable or some custom work, she is your gal!  Check out this cute chalkboard printable, I think it’s one of my favorites.



Simple Lampshade Makeover

Happy Spring!!  Am I allowed to say that yet?  It’s actually sunny and in the 60’s here today so I’m definitely feeling Springtime coming on!  Spring reminds me of starting fresh… in every way, including my house.  This season always makes me want to lighten things up and bring on the pastels and whites.  So today I’m sharing a little lampshade makeover that is very Springtime-inspired.

I’m getting SO close to revealing my living room.  YAY.  I’ve been mulling over and obsessing over this space for SO LONG.  I was at a place where I couldn’t quite figure out what was missing but something definitely was.  Most specifically involving color.  Then one day it just hit me… I knew EXACTLY what I needed to add to the space to complete it.  This lampshade makeover was inspired by my new plan.  I can’t wait to reveal the entire space soon.

I knew I wanted a pale blush colored lampshade and searched everywhere online with no luck.  So I decided to recover my current lampshade.  I saved money doing this rather than buying a new one anyway!  I started out with this dark gray shade from Target.  I’ve had the shade for a while and still like it… but I was ready for a change.

This is the pale blush fabric I bought.  I also bought some thicker white canvas-like fabric to line the shade underneath the blush fabric because it’s pretty lightweight and the dark gray shade would show through for sure.  Making my blush shade not so blush.

I didn’t want a plain shade, but I also didn’t want it too busy.  I have a lot of patterns going in this room and I felt like adding another one would be a bit much.  So I decided to sew a few lines across the fabric with my sewing machine to add a little interest while still keeping it simple and minimal.

So my lampshade is a drum shade but it’s not actually the exact same diameter around the top as the bottom.  So this made it a little tricky when measuring out the fabric for the shade.  I didn’t want weird gathers.  I ended up laying the shade on its side and rolling it across the fabric while measuring.  I ended up with fabric shaped like this.  This method wouldn’t work if you had striped fabric (or other patterned fabric that needs to go a certain direction) because the stripes would start to go diagonal.  But it worked great for what I wanted.

I then used a hot glue gun and covered the shade in the white fabric.  Once the white fabric was in place, I began wrapping the blush fabric around the shade while hot gluing it.

Once I had it all glued down, I took some white biased tape and covered the raw edge around the top of the inside of the lamp.  This lamp sits on a table that is kind of low and I didn’t want that messy, raw edge visible when looking down at the lamp.  The biased tape worked perfectly!

Pretty adorable, am I right?  When I can’t find in a store what I see in my mind… I make it myself.  And most of the time, I’m very glad I did.  This isn’t the first time I’ve recovered a lampshade, see my other one here.  Tired of your lampshades?  Bored of them maybe?  Go to the fabric store and find something new… the possibilities are endless!