Teen Glamour Bedroom Design Plan & Before Pictures

Hey everyone!  I am so excited to share the design plan for my little sister Liberty’s room makeover.  Liberty is my 13 year old baby sister and she is so cute!  I would describe Liberty as being proper, refined, and neat.  She likes pretty things.  She is a dancer.  She is so good with Nash and all babies–she is a natural little mother.  I have been very anxious to help her design her room ever since I did my other sister Shelby’s Teen Desert Modern room makeover.  Liberty’s room will be VERY different from Shelby’s; it is so fun for me to design rooms across a wide spectrum.

My other sister Aly was recently married and moved out of my parent’s house this summer.  Check out her Boho wedding here.  So Liberty moved into what I would consider the best room in the house.  I would know… at one point it was mine:)  It’s BIG.  Three windows and a walk in closet.. with a window.  A lot of room there to design.  Here are some before pictures of the space:





The space is empty, blah, and in need of some serious design help!  I am so excited to tackle this room and make it amazing for Liberty.  I made a little mood board and so all of you can visualize what my plan is… here it is!!


Gorgeous, am I right?  The plan:

  1. Color scheme: Royal/Navy blue, blush pink, light gray, white, with gold accents
  2. Blue velvet tufted headboard (DIY)
  3. Long blush pink curtains for all three windows
  4. Large, neutral area rug
  5. Dance bar (why not??!!)
  6. Great art


My goal is to make Liberty’s room sophisticated, beautiful, refined, glamorous, and lovely.  Keep checking back for updates on this space, you won’t want to miss this!






Dining Area Design Plan

Words cannot express how excited I am to FINALLY get my dining area the way I want it.  I bought a Mid Century Modern dining room table months ago and it has been in my basement ever since.  The top needs to be refinished and I need to find the perfect chairs to go with it.  I would LOVE to overhaul my entire kitchen, but that will not be happening super soon.  That doesn’t mean I can’t get the dining area looking great!  I think the biggest obstacle will be the floor… we cannot replace it at this time and I really DO NOT like it.  It is tan tile with dark grout… ick.  Ugh.  Whhhhhyyyyy??  The floor is not going to stop me from making the area look as good as possible though.

I want to share some inspiration photos of dining room tables and chairs I am loving.  This area will be completed within the next month which makes  me so happy.  So I need to get on it and find the perfect chairs!  Here are some dining rooms I love, mainly noting the chairs:

#1: Upholstered MCM Chairs



#2: Dusty Green Eames Style Molded Chairs



#3: Uniquely Wicker Chairs



#4: Classic White Eames Style Chairs



#5: Wishbone Chairs



#6: Clear Eames style chairs with wire/metal legs



My dining table is most similar to the table with the wishbone chairs.  It is a medium walnut color with tapered legs, which is also something to take into account when selecting dining room chairs.  I will have three chairs on each side of the table (similar to dining room #4) with none on the ends.  I seriously LOVE all of these options!  But here’s some thoughts:  I have a 1 year old son.. which makes me want to lean away from anything upholstered.  My kitchen cabinets are knotty alder, the floors are tan tile, the counter top has a lot of dark in it… which makes me want to lean away from the dark and/or wooden options.  Price is also a major thing to consider, and some these (or similar options)  are quite pricey.

I am also considering an area rug under the table to hide the tile.  I started to question it when I was researching rug size and found that many designers suggest that a rug beneath a dining room table should be big enough that when a chair is pulled out, all legs of the chair are still be on the rug.  My dining area is not big enough to do that.  The rug would probably end up hitting walls on two sides and getting in the way of the bar stools on a third side.  But the picture just above has a rug that is a little smaller (all legs of the chairs would not be on the rug if they were pulled out), but I think it looks fine.  Any thoughts or advice on this?

Here are some before pictures of the space (with our old table).  Keep in mind, our old table and chairs is on the miniature side compared to most, so it makes the space look bigger.



Okay, so which chairs are your favorite?  Which ones should I go for?  Stay tuned for the reveal!!!



Some Fall Inspiration for Y ‘all

October is finally here and I am loving it!  Fall is my favorite season hands down and decorations add to the fun.  So my style has changed quite a bit the past couple of years.  I went through about a year of being ‘lost’ in my style…. basically not liking my old style but still struggling to find what I really did love.  And of course experiencing guilt and confusion for not liking the chippy paint vintage look anymore when I SO LOVED it before.  I then went through another year of finding my new style and fine tuning it.  I am happy to say that I have found it and I am much more sure about what I want, which definitely makes shopping a whole lot easier!  I have a great appreciation for many decorating styles and of course mixing them is SO okay too.  Better in fact.  Much more lived in and less ‘staged’.

With that being said, when I pulled out many of my old Halloween and Fall decorations and put them up… I just wasn’t feeling it.  Too much clutter… too much everything.  So I pulled down what I didn’t love and simplified things a lot.  It is much more minimalistic and a lot more “me”.  So here’s some Fall inspiration for y’all!  Kemley style…



^^ I purchased a sprig of fake fall leaves at Hobby Lobby, cut them off the stem, spray painted them gold and copper, and made a banner.  The copper pumpkin on the top shelf is a real one I spray painted as well.  The wooden “Gather” banner on leather cord is from Target.




^^ I LOVE mini pumpkins… I got these from my parent’s pumpkin patch.  Of course I had to spray some gold!


^^ This gold metal vase is Nate Berkus for Target


^^ The chair is from Target, it was originally teal but I sprayed it gold a few months back.  I also painted a couple more pumpkins copper for outside.


^^ Recently I painted our front doors this stormy-blue color and they look SO much better.  The white paint was very chipped before.  I also got a new door handle and lock which I am IN LOVE with.  I will post some before and after pictures soon.. the difference is amazing!


So what do you think?  The inside is much more ‘minimalist’ and simple than the front porch area, but I love both.  I also feel like the inside decor could stay up through Thanksgiving and still look great and not too “Halloweeny”.  Haha made up words, right..  Anyway, I hope you liked it and this inspires some of you to switch up your Fall and holiday decor!