Bathroom Renovation: Before Pictures and Inspiration


Hey everyone!  So I thought I’d share some before pictures of our main bathroom and some of my inspiration for the renovation we are planning on completing this Spring!  I am beyond excited to start this renovation!  So our house was built in the 1970’s but pretty much completely renovated about 8 years ago by the previous owners.  The renovations improved the house a TON, but everything is kind of blah, beige, and builder grade.  This bathroom is the main bath in the house, the only one on the main floor. We don’t have a master bathroom.  So basically this is the master bath and guest bath.  Even though it was fixed up 8 years ago, I don’t think many of the things in this bathroom were upgraded.  The vanity cabinet seems a bit 90’s and the tub is old, scratched, and not comfortable at all because it is straight backed.  The cultured marble also seems a bit 90’s.  This bathroom is used a lot and seen by guests, so I really wanted to update it and make it awesome. OK so here are some before pictures:


The tile is beige-y and blah… and unfortunately it’s also in our kitchen, which is low on the list of renovations.  But I will be happy to at least get rid of it in the bathroom.  So a side note– living in a house that has kind of been renovated but not at all in my style is HARD.  Because it’s easy to justify updating a pink tub from the 60’s or awful linoleum or something.  But when its “just OK”, it is harder to justify (to others or yourself) why it needs to be updated.  But basically, I want to be happy in my house and living in my “own design” not somebody else’s.  So if I can DIY and update the “just OK” parts of my house, then I will!  Because beige is NOT me!
The vanity cabinet is blonde maple with the classic 90’s brass handles.  Don’t get me wrong, I love the modern way brass is being used in design… it’s just not this way.  Ya get me?   Also just a side note– we painted the walls gray and the ceiling white when we first moved in.  The walls and ceiling were both tan and it made the bathroom even more beige-y.  I don’t know if I will keep gray walls in here or not in my final renovation.
Here’s a close up of the counter tops.  They have a forest green swirl throughout.  It’s hard to tell in these pictures, but they are a dingy off white color, not bright white.  This same surface lines the walls around the shower.
Here’s a good view of the green swirl and dingy whiteness of the cultured marble around the shower (compare to the whiteness of the tub).  The tub also has a straight back and so bathing is not very comfortable.  I only shower in this bathroom because of the tub.
The good thing about this bathroom is the storage.  These cabinets are built in and hold a lot.  The doors are old and have roller paint marks on them so cosmetically they aren’t pretty.  The design is also SUPER annoying because both the left and right sides won’t open unless the door to the bathroom is almost shut.  Poorest design ever, I mean what were people thinking in the 70’s haha.  It doesn’t sound like that big of a deal, but having to shut the door every time you need makeup or a hair tie or ANYTHING gets old really fast.  Here is another picture of the cabinet and how it hits the door.
I also want to update the light fixture.  This is just so blah and forgettable.
The last weird thing about this bathroom is the vanity cabinet basically touches the toilet.  It is simply too long for the space.  I had originally considered painting it to save money, but this design is just all wrong and needs to be fixed.  This is one thing that drives my husband CRAZY.
Things the new bathroom absolutely NEEDS:
1. Different Storage design– I have something in mind and I’m hoping it will work.  But basically the doors will be ripped off and the built-in will be completely reworked.  Stay tuned….
2.  New tub–A new tub that reclines is a must!
3.  A different bathroom vanity that better fits the space.
Now for the design plan… Here is some of my inspiration!!
1.  White subway tile with dark grout.  This is non-negotiable.  I want this to go all the way to the ceiling lining the shower.  I feel like taking the tile to the ceiling will draw the eye upward and make the space feel bigger.  Similar to below.
photo via DecorPad on Pinterest
2.  I am thinking I want dark gray tile, something similar to this:
via The Home Depot
Or maybe something like this…
Photo via on pinterest
3.  I am very excited about the vanity cabinet because my husband used to build custom cabinets and so I can pretty much pick any design and he can make it happen.  I am thinking I want white (like I wish I could have in my kitchen but he wont let me paint the cabinets…… grrr).  Something similar to this:
Photo via on pinterest
{Aren’t those wall sconces to DIE for?}  Something like this is another thing I am considering… my husband is an electrician, so he can also easily make lighting happen for me.  
Or perhaps this:
Photo via on pinterest
But then I see wood cabinets like below and I start to question myself!
photo via on pinterest
photo via on pinterest
I think I will end up sticking with white because it’s timeless and what I’ve waited my whole life for.  And the cabinet above might be a little too modern for my house and not flow with the rest of it.
Ohhhh and then I see this vanity below and question everything!  Haha.  Because this is gorgeous.  I guess at some point I will need to make a final decision!
photo via on pinterest
4.  For the countertop I want something super simple and clean.  Granite is beautiful, but sometimes I feel like it is a little busy looking for my taste.  I am thinking something like this:
Or this, depending on what color of vanity I decide to go with.
photo via
5.  I am hoping to re-work the built in storage to look something like below, but with some open shelving behind the door to the bathroom and a narrower cabinet door that opens on the other side and clears the door into the bathroom when it is open, if that makes sense.
photo via on pinterest
So what do you think?  Do you like my design plan?  Any suggestions?  Tips would be appreciated, as we are planning on doing all of this on our own.  Stay tuned for more updates on our bathroom reno!


DIY Lampshade Update for less than $6


Updating a lamp shade is a great way to give your room a new look!  The lampshades at Target are to DIE for.  But lampshades can be a little expensive sometimes.  So here is a cheap and easy way to update your lampshade without buying a new one!

I bought this arch lamp a couple of years ago.  I have been tired of the burlap shade that came with it for quite a while now.  Back when I bought the lamp I was obsessed with burlap and everything vintage.  Since then, my style has completely evolved into something much more modern and clean with midcentury vibes.  Here is the lamp before:


I still love the arched shame of the lamp, and so I didn’t want to get a new lamp.  The shade does not hook onto the lamp base like a normal lamp because of the arched shape.  So these lamp shades can be little harder to find.  This is another reason why I decided to recover the shade instead of purchase a new one.

I purchased the fabric at Hobby Lobby, which is one of my favorite places to get fabric because of the 40% off coupon.  They also have really cute duck cloth fabric there for $9.99/yd (before the coupon discount).  So it is very affordable.  The duck cloth is thicker and more heavy duty than regular fabric, so I just covered right over top of the burlap and you can’t even tell. I bought 1/2 yard for this project and had some left over.  All you need to recover a shade like this is fabric and a glue gun!  So I pulled out my old tiny glue gun that is like the cheapest one you can get at Wal Mart and it did the job just fine!


I just cut the fabric to be a little wider than the shade, then wrapped it over the edge and glued.  Because this is a drum shade I didn’t have to worry about wrinkles of any kind, the fabric glued on smooth.
Where the seam is, I just folded the fabric over and glued it there. I think it looks pretty good!
So this took literally like 10 minutes to do.  What a fast and easy way to update a lampshade–and affordable!  And it is so nice to know that when I get tired of this lamp shade fabric..because I’m sure I will someday, it is SO easy to update!!


A New Year: Getting my House in Order the Kon-Mari Way

PicMonkey CollageX

I the love feeling I get when a new year starts.  This is when I get super motivated to declutter and clean up my house.  It feels so good to clear away clutter, especially after the overload of Christmas decorations.  Just recently I read the book, “The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up- The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing” by Marie Kondo.  And…. it changed my world!  New ideas I had never heard of in my life were presented in this book.  I have made a goal to “get my house in order” (as Marie calls it) as soon as possible.  The idea of the Kon-Mari method is that if you truly get your house in order once, you will never have to do it again.

Marie recommends tidying by category in a certain order.  The first category is clothing.  Basically you are to hold each item of clothing in your hands and ask yourself, “Does this spark joy?”  If not- discard it.  Don’t keep things because you think one day you will wear it (when you tell yourself that every year, yet never wear it).  It is the most liberating feeling in the world to finally make the decision to discard something and throw it in that discard pile.  Maybe it’s just me, but I tend to see items of clothing I never wear hanging in my closet and feel guilty for not wearing it.  Guilty for not loving it.  Weird I know.  So getting rid of these guilt causing items feels amazing.

I started this journey a few months ago and just barely finished discarding and organizing all of the clothing in our house.  It took me a lot longer with a new baby, I couldn’t just go crazy and take a whole day to do it.  I also wanted to do it right and not cut any corners.  I donated bags and bags of clothing.  When it comes to organizing clothing, Marie recommends folding and storing everything vertically. not horizontally.  She states in the book, “Every piece of clothing has it’s own ‘sweet spot’ where it feels just right–a folded states that best suits that item.”  Sounds crazy, but it’s SO true.  See the picture below, this is Nash’s top dresser drawer with his clothes stored vertically.  I love how I can see every item.  There is no digging in drawers and forgetting about an outfit because it’s buried.  The drawer dividers are Ikea Skubb Organizers and they are perfect for baby clothes.


Putting away laundry used to be my least favorite job.  I don’t love it now by any means, but it is SO much easier to do.  I no longer have to put all my strength into forcing my husband’s work shirt drawer shut because it’s so stuffed.  Our closets are also so much more organized and tidy.  Our master bedroom does not have a walk in closet, unfortunately.  Instead it has two regular closets.  I now like my closet a lot more, even though it is not a walk in closet, because of how tidy it is.
I am now ready to move on to discarding and tidying in the next category: books.  Which I think will go a lot faster than the clothing category.  I’m so pumped and motivatd to continue tidying and getting my house it order.  It is so liberating and amazing!  So buy this book and start your own journey to happiness and tranquility in your home!


Thrifting Post No. 2: Round mirror, globe, table, wooden box, and old books

Yay for more thrifting!  This is a 5-in-1 thrifting post featuring a world globe, yellow table, wooden box, round mirror, and old books.  So basically everything here is thrifted.  This is one of my favorite spots in my living room and this proves that you can create a beautiful set up with thrifted items.

I bought the table from a neighbor’s yardsale for $15.  It used to be a pale yellow, white washed kind of look.  I decided to paint it mustard yellow and I’m so happy I did because I love how it pops.  The wooden box I picked up at an antique store while on vacation in coastal Oregon in a town called Lincoln City.  I paid $25 for it.  For some reason it spoke to me and so I was willing to pay $25.  Normally I try to pick things up for cheaper than that.  There were a lot of neat antique shops in Lincoln City and tons that we passed along the way in other small towns that we didn’t go into.  We are planning to return to Lincoln City this year and I’m excited to go thrifting there again!

Right before we moved into our house last year I decided I really wanted a large round mirror for the new place.  I love the simple and modern look of a large, perfectly round mirror.  I really didn’t want to pay an arm and a leg for a new modern round mirror.  I posted on a FB yardsale website in search of a large round mirror.  I was SO excited when that very day this one came up for sale about 15 minutes away from where I lived.  For WAY cheaper than other round mirrors I had seen.  It came off of a vintage vanity and used to be mounted to wood with a wooden frame around it.  When I bought it, the wooden frame was partially broken off but I didn’t want a frame anyway so I removed the mirror from the wood completely.



I found this globe at a yardsale of left over items from the store “Finder’s Keepers”.  The owner closed the doors to the shop and later had a yardsale of leftover furniture and accessories at her home.  Finder’s Keepers was a pretty awesome shop that had refinished furniture and accessories.  Everything at the yard sale sold VERY fast.  I was lucky enough to score this little gem.  I paid $10 for it.  I’m not sure exactly how old it is, but Russia is called the Soviet Union on this globe so it must be pretty old.

I bought these old books at an antique store called “Transitions” in Blanding, which is a small town in Southeastern Utah where my sister happens to live.  I have at least ten old books from Transitions that I have purchased on a few different occasions while visiting my sister.  I got them for about $1 each which is pretty awesome.  Hence, why I returned for more when I realized what a steal that was.
The glass geometric terrarium and fake succulent were both purchased new.  I found the terrarium at Hobby Lobby and the fake succulent at Target.  I hope this gets some of you excited for thrifting.  If you are on a budget like most of us out there, thrifting is a great way to beautifully decorate your home and keep it unique!