Thrifting Post No. 1: Leather Swivel Chair

So thrifting is a huge part of my life and design style.  I love the thrill of a great thrifting find.  And I love even more the money saved by thrifting!  When I purchase a used item for cheap, I don’t feel guilty about experimenting with it, throwing on a new coat of paint or repurposing the item to use for something unique and fun.  If it doesn’t work out, no biggie because it was like $2 right haha.  I’ll be honest, my thifting excursions have been basically nonexistent since Nash was born.  The thought of taking him into a DI makes me a freak a little, because thrifting can be dirty and germy.  I’m hoping to get back into the game soon.  Successful thrifting is a combination of putting in the time, persistence, a creative mind, ability to see potential in something, and luck!

I decided to highlight one of my thrifting scores today that I found at DI about a year ago.  This fun little leather swivel chair was $6!  I love how it’s a little bit school house, kind of industrial, a tad bit midcentury (even though it’s not), and sort of quirky.  I use it in my office/art studio and it is so comfortable to sit in while I work or sketch.


I was so excited about this find and (for once) didn’t have to question it and try and convince myself I needed it.  I just knew right away it was for me!  Thrifting scores like this make all the other unsuccessful trips worth the effort!  Oh, P.S.— isn’t that plaid blanket to die for???  Plaid is all the rage right now;)

Here are some places where I thrift and have had success:

1. DI (thrift store similar to Goodwill)
2. Yard sales
3. Facebook online yard sales
4. the occasional antique or consignment store


I hope this post gets people excited about thrifting!  I will be doing occasional thrifting posts highlighting different thrifting scores of mine!  So stay tuned!



Leather swivel chair:  DI
Woven basket: Ross
Monochromatic world map: poster website online (sorry can’t remember exactly which website)
Blanket: old

Nash’s Nursery


Nash’s nursery was so fun for me to design!  My inspiration for the room came when I found the buffalo print from Native Vermont on Etsy (Seriously look this shop up!!  He’s also on Instagram @nativevermont, you will not be disappointed!).  I immediately fell in love with it and just knew everything would fall into place around it!  I loved the teal color of the feather on the buffalo’s head, and decided to loosely go with the colors: teal, orange, gray, brown, mint, and white.

The dream catcher was a gift from one of my best friends.  She had it custom made by Rachel Vivienne Dream Catchers to match Nash’s nursery.  Such a special gift!  Check out the detail photo of the dream catcher at the end of this post.  It is truly beautiful!


We painted the walls “Lighter Mint” by Sherwin Williams.  I love the freshness of this color.  It’s very light so it is not overwhelming and keeps the room bright.  We updated the baseboard to match what we had done in the main part of the house, a tall simple flat baseboard.  I personally love taller baseboard, it has a really classy, finished look.





Okay, so a little back story on our house…  It’s a 1,950 sq. feet 70’s split entry that we purchased a little over a year ago.  I have never loved the look of split level and split entry homes.  But I actually really love the inside of our split entry.  Basically it’s a rambler with two completely separate floors and a kind of weird entry.  I like how the main floor sits up higher than ground level and our basement has windows above ground level.  It also has huge, wide windows which I love because I’m a crazy person when it comes to natural light.  I’m one of those people who wake up in the morning and immediately open the blinds to almost every window in my house.   The rental house we were in before had very little exposure to natural light (or ceiling lights for that matter) and I felt like we were living in a cave.  So big windows was a huge selling point for me.  The house had been completely gutted and renovated about 7 years prior to us purchasing it.  Walls were knocked out in some places and a second staircase going down to the basement was removed to make the kitchen bigger.  Walls and ceilings were painted tan… tan tile was laid… and tan carpet.  SO MUCH BEIGE.  Sorry to beige lovers out there, but beige everything doesn’t excite me.  Needless to say, we’ve painted almost every room in the house at this point.  But that’s a story for anther day… and another room reveal!!!  So this is what Nash’s nursery looked like when we bought the house.  Bleh.  The tan ceilings made me feel like the ceiling was pressing in on us and making everything heavy and dark.  Unfortunately we have to keep the carpet for now… but I am hoping we will replace it in the near future.


I knew that in order to get the crib bedding I wanted, I would have to make it.  I love sewing so this was a fun project.  I made the arrow tail crib quilt, bumper pads, and dust ruffle.  I found the tutorial for the arrow tail quilt on the blog “Sing All You Want”.  It was also featured on  I purchased all of the fabric at Pine Needles–an awesome fabric store located at Gardner Village in Midvale, UT.  I highly recommend them for unique and gorgeous fabric lines.  I paid a local lady to machine quilt the top of the crib quilt (she was recommended by Broadbents- another fun fabric store located in Lehi, UT).  She did an amazing job.  The tutorial for the bumper pads I also found online, but the link no longer exists.  They were very simple and easy to make. (Disclaimer: I am not endorsing bumper pads… I know they are controversial).


One of my favorite parts of Nash’s nursery is the “library”.  The book ledges are from Ikea and so affordable.  Some of the books are mine from when I was little, others I purchased, and some were given to us as gifts.  I’m hoping to encourage Nash to love reading from a young age!  The gold task lamp was a must… I mean hello, gold+task lamp.  Purchased at Target–but of course!
 One thing I knew I needed to splurge on for the nursery was a swivel rocker.  It is SO comfortable and definitely worth the money.  I purchased this swivel rocker from Furniture Now, a local furniture store in American Fork, UT.  I was able to pick the gray tweed-like fabric and have it custom made.  So…. Furniture Now is awesome.  Very affordable and almost every piece of furniture in there you can custom pick your upholstery.  My mom, grandma, and sister have all purchased furniture there since I introduced them to it!
So about the pouf.  I just knew I needed a pouf footstool the moment I started designing the room.  They are so fun and unique.  Poufs are expensive… much more than I thought they would be.  Finally I found this one on Amazon in the teal color of the nursery on the lower end of the pouf price scale.  By the way, husbands don’t need to know what poufs cost… because they simply don’t understand the beauty and necessity of a pouf.  My husband is not into design or unique or quirky things AT ALL, he likes everything “normal”.  Soooo…. the pouf confused him haha.  But I love it!
For Nash’s changing table I was looking everywhere for something white.  I almost splurged on a changing table from Pottery Barn but couldn’t bring myself to do it.  I searched online for a midcentury vintage dresser… but to no avail. (I’m having a love affair with mid century everything right now).  I thought about finding a vintage dresser and painting it… but by that time I was about 7 months pregnant and didn’t feel like attempting that.  Finally I decided on the Ikea Hemnes dresser in dark brown and LOVE it.  I needed some dark in the room to anchor everything and give some contrast to the white and pale mint walls.  I bought the changing mat on amazon and made a white minky cover for it.  When Nash outgrows the changing mat, we can just use this as a dresser which is perfect and so practical.
I found the gray and white woven basket at Target to use as a hamper and it works great!  The long white curtains I made from one white twin size sheet purchased at Wal Mart for $5.  SO… $2.50 per panel… insane right??  I just added some orange ribbon to the inner edge of each panel for some color.  One major bonus to making long curtains out of a sheet is that you can make them as long as you want.  I like super long curtains that hang higher than the window because it lengthens the walls and makes the ceiling feel taller.  It draws the eyes up.  Many already made curtain panels are not quite long enough in my opinion


Here is a view of the other sides of the nursery with the closet and room entry.
Okay, lets just enjoy some detail pictures now….
Photo above by Tayten Kenzie Photography


Photo above by Tayten Kenzie Photography


Photo above by Tayten Kenzie Photography


Photo above by Tayten Kenzie Photography


Photo above by Tayten Kenzie Photography


Photo above by Tayten Kenzie Photography


Photo above by Tayten Kenzie Photography

And… that’s it!!  I hope this inspires others to create and design beautiful nurseries. We are loving Nash’s nursery, it’s such a happy room!  Of course it looks better with Nash in it!! These are some of the newborn pictures taken of Nash by Tayten Kenzie Photography who is amazing.  Check out the links below!


Photo above by Tayten Kenzie Photography
Sources: Crib: Fisher Price // Dresser: Ikea Hemnes // Changing pad: Amazon // Swivel Rocker: Furniture Now // Orange throw pillow: Target // Pouf: Amazon // White shag rug: Target // Nightstand: Ikea // Book/pictures ledges: Ikea // Gold Task Lamp: Room Essentials for Target // Woven hamper: Target  // Buffalo print: Native Vermont // Geometric Grizzly print: Vintage Revivals // Dream Catcher: Rachel Vivienne Dream Catchers  // Rustic wooden frame around buffalo picture: Hobby Lobby // Frames around baby animals, gold leaf pictures, and grizzly picture: Ikea Ribba // Wire basket holding blankets: thrifted // Wire basket on dresser: Hobby Lobby // Wooden arrow: Hobby Lobby // Crib bedding: fabric from Pine Needles, custom made by yours truly