A Camping Themed 1st Birthday Party


Hey everyone!  I hope you have had a fantastic summer.  Ours has been SO busy it has been hard to put much time into blog posts.  I have several projects/posts coming up so stay tuned and keep following–I really appreciate all the kind words I have received regarding my room designs and blog!

My little guy Nash turned one on the 4th of this month.  I can’t believe that it has been a whole year– wow does time fly?!  Our family loves camping and spending time in the beautiful mountains here in Utah.  It is such a relaxing escape from the bustle of the city.  So I thought it would be perfect to celebrate Nash’s birthday in the mountains with a camping themed party!  It was a fun, casual night and I’m so grateful to our friends and families who came and supported Nash.  Let’s have a look at the party…








I had so much fun making this little birthday cake for Nash!  I used spring form pans and it worked out so well.  I was worried initially about making a free standing cake because a cake I made in the past was much to soft and crumbled while being frosted.  It was a disaster!  So I found a “doctored” cake recipe for a devil’s food cake mix on the blog “Something Swanky” and it stayed very firm and was perfect.  Not to mention it was delicious.  I also made her homemade chocolate frosting for the cake-Yum!  This little cake was perfect for a 1 year old, but I think next time I will double layer it so each layer is taller!  Trial and error, right?




Nash and dad^^ I also made Nash his own little cake to dig in to.  He loves chocolate so I was surprised he was as calm and slow about actually digging in.  Once he had some prompting he did very well haha.


Proud parents^^


It was so fun to have some of our close friends at the party.  Nash will grow up with these cute boys! Kyson (left), Kayson (right), and Nash are all within a few months of each other, and Cache (far right) is only a couple of years older.



Aunt Natalia^^



Aunt Madison^^


Aunt Baylie and Uncle Rylan^^


Aunt Aly^^



Ky and Nash^^


I absolutely love this picture!  Chocolate baby haha.


Overall, Nash’s first birthday was a major success and we had so much fun!  I’m glad we chose to celebrate it in the mountains, it was a good escape from the 100 degree weather down in the valley.  Thanks to everyone who came–we have the best families ever!





Throwback to a Vintage Wedding Celebration

Hey all!  Wedding season is upon us and I have been busy over here helping with the design of my sister Aly’s wedding celebration which will happen in August.  I don’t want to give anything away, but think…. GIANT MACRAMAE.  Enough said.  Anyways, I thought I would do a little throwback to my own wedding in June of 2012.  During this time, my design style was very Vintage.  Chippy paint, old doors, vintage suitcases and the like.  Of course I would do things a little different now, but that being said, I still think that my wedding design was beautiful and I love the simplicity of it.  I designed and planned ALL of the decorations at my wedding reception and it was so much fun.  It’s never been “me” to let somebody else design something of mine.  I think these are relevant to post because a lot of people are still doing Vintage-y weddings.  Let’s look at some photos…

Vintage style bridal bouquet

Vintage Wedding

Vintage Style Wedding with old suitcase

Vintage wedding desserts

Vintage style wedding with old doors

Vintage Style Wedding
Little lights hanging above wedding reception















532733_10200908695304011_1450300567_n (1)XX


Most of the old doors came out of my great-grandma’s farmhouse before they tore it down.  A lot suitcases and other decorations I found thrifting.  My wedding reception was in my parents backyard, which is beautiful.  This is where Aly’s wedding reception will be also…. Sooo stay tuned because her wedding will be Ah- mazing.



**All photography by the very talented Bluebird Pictures**

4 Different, Yet Beautiful Vignettes

PicMonkey CollageX

Happy Thursday everyone!  I hope your day has been fabulous.  So I have been reading the book “Styled” by Emily Henderson and it is amazing.   I’m soaking up every word like a sponge and it is for certain now that design is where my true passion lies because this book is like Christmas to me haha.  The book is about “secrets for arranging rooms, from tabletops to bookshelves.”  YES.  I am a total nerd.

So in the book she introduces stylists “insider speak”.  Ya know, little words and phrases one will encounter with designers and stylists.  Vignette is one such word.  A vignette is a smallish arrangement of objects or furniture, usually including pieces that reflect the personality of the person who lives there.  Good design in your own home should not look like a generic showroom of someone else’s ideas and stuff!  Sooooo I decided to play around with stuff I already own and create four different vignettes around the same arm chair.  It is crazy how much you can change the look of a space by changing items in a vignette while still keeping the bigger, more permanent pieces like furniture.  You don’t need to buy new furniture to totally change the look of a room!  You just need to style it differently, especially if your furniture has good bones.  We can’t forget that, the furniture MUST have good bones.  Some furniture will just never be good haha.  Let’s analyze and enjoy these 4 little vignettes now….

Vignette #1:  Polished Southwest







The falsa blanket, throw pillow design, cactus print, potted cactus, and the blue ceramic vase all speak Southwest, yet polished with the brass vase and coaster.  Maybe a little sophisticated with the books, yet comfortable with the casually tossed blanket.  I could relax here.  What do you think?


Vignette #2: Western Bohemian







The wall hanging, multiple plants, and accent table point towards bohemian, yet the pillow and fur add warmth and a western feel to the vignette.  The plants and mug make the space feel casual and inviting, like you just may want to sit down and stay awhile.


Vignette #3: Midcentury Modern




I love this look!  This vignette has clean lines and not too much going on.  The chair itself has Midcentury bones with the winged silhouette, and so this look came together effortlessly.  The gold starburst, task lamp, and orange accent pillow all feel Midcentury to me.  The wall hanging is simple and graphic with the black and white color palette (and can you believe it’s a placemat??!!).

Vignette #4: Traditional Shabby Chic




This look is for the person who likes things more traditional and vintage.  The floral pillow, white pitcher vase, and yellow milk bottle candle all have a shabby chic feel.  The vintage bicycle canvas and suitcase help complete the look.  And of course there must be an open vintage book in this vignette for some personality.  My style has evolved so much over the past couple of years to be a mix of the first three vignettes.  This last vignette is something that I personally loved several years back but it just doesn’t speak to me much anymore.  But this look is timeless and beautiful for those who love it still.


Pretty soon here, I will be finishing my living room and revealing it, so it’s been good for me to experiment with different vignettes and styles to decide what I really love.  So what do you think of the 4 vignettes???  Which one is your favorite and what would you love in your own home?  I would love to hear your input!




Tribal Chic Office/Studio Reveal


Hello and welcome to my chic tribal office/studio room reveal!  Week 6 of the One Room Challenge hosted by Linda of Calling it Home is finally here and I am beyond excited to share this space with you all!  Guys, getting this room done in time for the reveal today almost made me a crazy person.  It has been a very stressful last couple of weeks and I absolutely could not have completed this room without the help of my amazing mom and sisters who helped with Nash on several occasions when I needed to make some real progress.  Because painting a rug with a 9 month old is hard and/or impossible.

Okay, on to the room reveal!  I love, love, love before and afters so let’s take a look back to where the room started about a year and a half ago when we bought our house.



Not the best photos, but you get the idea.  Basically we were looking at tan walls, a tan ceiling, and green bead board.  This room is in the basement and has poor lighting, so this was by far the darkest room in the entire house.

Here is the space now:



This space is not only my office, but also my art studio!  I love painting with pastels and this old easel is perfect for what I need.  I filled the metal cart with art supplies rather than keeping the supplies tucked away in the closet.  Now the supplies are close at hand for making art!


I spray painted this old metal desk “ballet slipper” pink by Krylon and I think it really fits in the space.  I dressed up the ghost chair with a fun tassel throw pillow from Target.  I love how you can see the throw pillow through the ghost chair!  Ghost chairs are so unique and quirky!

The wall design was done with a gold sharpie paint pen!  Check out the Teen Desert Modern Room where I did a LONG wall with this design in black!

I wanted this room to be not only beautiful, but functional as well.  This space turned out really fun and very functional, so I am satisfied!  My husband built a wooden top for this metal accent table for my printer so it doesn’t take up space on top of my desk!



While planning out the room design, I decided a faux roman shade would be perfect for this wide window.  The moment I hung the first roman shade I made out of pineapple print fabric, I knew I didn’t like it.  The print was too small and the shade wasn’t stiff enough.  I knew it needed to be fixed.  I love the new one (above) SO much more!  We made it a little different than the first one and it is now very stiff and smooth… not to mention this new fabric print fits so much better in the space!


Here is a view from the doorway of the office/studio.


Here is a close up view of the rug I painted.  This project was by far the most stressful part of this room makeover!  I didn’t realize that it would take as long as it did when I started.  I love how the rug turned out though; it really ties the room together.  Next time i will definitely look into buying a new rug over painting such a complicated design on a huge rug like this… haha.


This midcentury school desk had been in the family for a while and I was so excited to give it new life!  The metal legs of the desk and chair had been painted dark brown.  The paint was chipping and dull.  I spray painted all the metal parts of the desk and chair my favorite antique metallic gold.  This is the first gold desk I have ever seen and it’s just so rad and unique!  This is Nash’s own special little space in my office.  Once he is a little older, this will be the perfect place for him to color and play while I paint or draw!


This long shelf runs the entire length of this wall and I had so much fun styling it!  It was a little bit challenging to style a shelf so long, but I am happy with how it turned out.


Let’s enjoy some detail photos of the space…




I am such a nerd for saving these Alex and Ani cards, but I love their jewelry!  I like how each piece of jewelry has a special meaning.  I tacked a few of my favorites up to remind myself of the positive things the symbols stand for and to remember to live my life with positivity!  I also decided to tack up my tassel from nursing school graduation, because that was a huge accomplishment in my life.  Of course a picture of newborn Nash also needs to be in view while I’m working!









This Boho wall hanging was so easy to make, check out the tutorial here!




I hope you love this office/studio room reveal as much as I do!  I am so relieved to finally be done with this space and excited to actually use it!  Thanks to Linda from Calling it Home to allow us guest design bloggers participate in the amazing room makeover challenge!  Check out the amazingly talented invited design bloggers spaces here.  Also be sure to check out the other guest bloggers spaces here!  There are some amazing rooms in this challenge, you will not be disappointed!  Check out my full source list below to see where you can find some of the fun stuff in my office/studio!




Desk area:

Desk: thrifted //  floor lamp: thrifted  // desktop card catalog: thrifted from Home Again  // zebra art canvas: Hobby Lobby //  Gold metal desktop organizer: Nate Berkus for Target  // Gold paper/book holder: Target (old) // binder clip dish: Target //  Gold clock: Target // Cactus art print: Lila & Lola // Gray picture frame for cactus print: Ikea // Cork board: Ikea // Ghost Chair: Lexmod on Amazon // Throw pillow: Target // Calendar printable: Jessica Says Designs // Cactus and pot: Cactus and Tropicals

Nash’s Desk Area:

Desk & Chair: old // small clock: Ikea // Notebook: Homegoods // Black picture ledge: Ikea // Alphabet art print: That Little Dude  // Black/white art: Ikea // Picture frames: Ikea // Snake plant: Home Depot // White pot for snake plant: Ikea

Art Area:

Easel: old // Metal cart: Ikea // Paintbrush holder: Homegoods // Leather swivel chair: thrifted

Shelf Area: 

Magazine holder: Nate Berkus for Target // Gold Starburst: Hobby Lobby // Potted fern: Cactus and Tropicals // Pineapple art print: Lila and Lola // Black/white modern art print: Lila and Lola // All picture frames: Ikea // Pink zebra painting: done by me when I was a kid // wooden person figure: Ikea // Gold geometric heart: Hobby Lobby


White walls: Sherwin Williams white base with 3 oz added white pigment for coverage // Black wall above shelf: Sherwin Williams “Iron Ore”  // Wall design: gold Sharpie paint pen  //  Desk: Krylon spray paint “Ballet Slipper”  //  Little desk and printer table: Design Master Antique Gold spray paint

Thoughts on Motherhood

Hey everyone!  So I thought I would post something just a little bit different than I normally do with Mother’s Day coming up this Sunday.  The other day I was listening to The Eagles station on Pandora while I slaved away at painting the rug (if you follow me on instagram, you know the grief this little project has given me), for the One Room Challenge I’m participating in.  Nash was sitting on the living room floor with his toys and started to fuss and reach for me.  I picked him up and right then the song came on by The Eagles called The Best of My Love.  I know the song is about a couple having trouble, etc but part of the chorus says, “Oh sweet darlin’, you get the best of my love.”  All I could think about is how much I love Nash–more than I can express.  He really does “get the best of my love”.  He is my whole world.  If you don’t know this song, look it up and listen to it!


It’s no secret I love interior design and creating beautiful spaces… but my best, most beautiful creation by far is my little boy Nash.  He captured my heart on day one and has never let go.  My life since Nash’s birth 9 months ago has been the happiest and best days of my life!  Of course raising a baby is no easy task and we have had plenty of hard nights and tired days but I wouldn’t trade it for anything.  His dark blue eyes, dimples, contagious smile, and crazy blonde hair make me smile every day!


I think as moms, we easily beat ourselves up for not being perfect.  It’s easy to compare ourselves to all the “perfect” moms, but in reality there are none.  Being a mom and wife is a tough job.  It can be hard to find the perfect balance between household chores and projects, playing with your kids and giving them attention, cooking dinner, working (out of the home or in the home), and finding time for yourself.  Being a mom myself makes me wonder how my own mom did so much and kept it all together.  She is truly amazing!


So I am a list person.  I love to make lists for everything I want to accomplish that day and then draw a big line through the task when it’s done.  My lists are generally unrealistic.  Because in real life, having a 9 month old baby doesn’t allow for deep cleaning every square inch of the house, cleaning the inside of the car, finishing the 12 currently pending home décor/blog projects, cooking amazing dinners, getting all the shopping done, oh and weeding that dang flowerbed that I notice every time I look out the window while washing dishes–all in 1 day.  The limitations of things I can get done each day since being a mom has been one of the biggest adjustments for me.  And it’s been hard.  I’ve had to learn to let some things go because Nash needs my love and attention.  It just takes one look into his little eyes and I realize he is all that really matters!


To all the amazing moms out there: trying your best really does count!  So give yourself a little credit and try to smile more and enjoy the moment.  Because time really does fly away from us!  Hug your babies and remember what a miracle they are.  I’m so grateful to all the special moms I’ve had the honor of being close to throughout my life; there are many.


I love my little family more than anything and I’m so happy that I have my supportive husband Dax to ride along this crazy journey of life with me and Nash.  There is no place I would rather be than with these two boys of mine!  Happy Mother’s Day mammas!

Photos by my wonderfully talented friend Tayten Kenzie Photography!




One Room Challenge Office/Studio: Week 5

It’s Week 5 of the One Room Challenge and I am freaking out just a little!  I haven’t exactly reached all the goals I was hoping to reach by today, and I have hit some bumps in the road, but I am absolutely determined to have this room completed in every way by next week!  Check out the amazing 20 invited design bloggers spaces here.  And the other (200+!!!!) guest design bloggers spaces here.  We are all down to the wire and feeling the stress, I’m sure!

Last week I posted about the faux roman shade I made for the window in pineapple print fabric… but I have a confession to make about that.  I really just did not like it.  I loved the fabric close up but I felt like the print was just too small for something so large and from far away it was hard to even tell what was on the fabric.  The second it was hung I knew I couldn’t live with it.  Sooooooo it was ripped down and remade in the fabric I almost picked to begin with.  I don’t have a good picture of it yet, so watch for the new curtain in my room reveal next week.  I love it SO MUCH more and it was definitely worth fixing!  Thanks to my amazing mom for helping me pull it off.  Sometimes it takes doing something wrong in a space to realize that what is right has been there all along waiting to be noticed.

So this week has consisted of painting the area rug and like I mentioned before it is SO time consuming.  It is honestly only 50% completed.  I have painted a good portion of the rug with my baby in one arm.  It has almost been the death of me!  Honestly, if I had any idea the stress this would cause me I would have lived with the old rug or bought a new one.  But it does look really good and unique so I am excited to get it finished and on the floor where it belongs… not my kitchen table.  Here is a sneak peek of the rug… pretty awesome, huh?


Okay, so I have been crushing on Louis XVI ghost chairs for a while now.  Stalking them on pinterest and what not.  There is something so glamorous about them, yet they are really very quirky!   I decided that I absolutely had to have one for my office.  I purchased this ghost chair from amazon and I really love it, the quality seems good and its sturdy.  It was very affordable, which is always a bonus.  I also found this fun zebra canvas art at Hobby Lobby to hang above the powder pink metal desk!


Just for fun… check out some of the amazing spaces below with ghost chairs in them.  Dreamy, right?  I fell in love.


photo via vtwonen


photo via The Glitter Guide


photo via rstyle

This wooden art easel is perfect for my studio and very special in a sentimental way.  My grandma (who passed away 10 years ago) was an oil painter.  She painted beautiful landscapes, mostly in the 70’s and 80’s.  This was the easel she used.  She told me she got it from a man who was also an oil painter.  So I am not sure exactly how old it is.  I love that it’s tall and dramatic.  It has paint splatters and wear, because it was used to make art.  I love the history that it holds.  I inherited my grandma’s love of art and drawing (although I mostly paint with pastels, not oils) and so I ended up with the easel.  Some people might consider it old and junk, but to me it is perfect.


Here is a close up photo of the gold sharpie wall (this is behind the pink desk).


I will be so happy when the rug is finished so I can focus on the details and really pull this office/studio together.  I am excited to decorate this space!  So please check out the room reveal next week, I promise you will not be disappointed!  Also, check out the progress I made on the previous weeks.

Week 1   //   Week 2   //   Week 3   //   Week 4





One Room Challenge Office/Studio: Week 4

Happy Thursday everybody!  Week 4 of the One Room Challenge is here and I can’t believe it!  Only two weeks left until the final reveal!  I can’t believe how fast the days have flown by.  To say I am stressed out would be an understatement.  This week I finished the faux roman shade for the window and it is so cute.  I hung it higher than the window so it really makes the window feel taller.  This window is very wide and very short; it is an above the ground basement window.  For some reason, this faux roman shade gave me some real problems haha and I am so glad it is finished and worked out the way I wanted it to!



I spray painted the accent table frame gold this week as well.  Now I just need to get the wooden top built for it.  This will be perfect to keep at the side of my desk for my printer.


I also began painting this rug, but man is it time consuming!  I absolutely love Kilim rugs but they are so expensive!  I’ve had this rug from Hobby Lobby for a while now (it used to be in my living room).  I wasn’t loving the monochromatic look for this room so I decided to paint it to look like a Kilim rug.  First, I created my little pattern and then duplicated it many times to form this design.


Here is a portion of the rug painted, I’m planning on touching it up and sharpening the edges at the end.  This rug is 5X8 feet so this project has been no easy task!  I think I am really going to love the end result once it is finished!


I’ve also done some shopping this week, I ordered some awesome art prints from the etsy shop Lila+Lola and made a trip up to Ikea for a cork board, wall organizer, and office garbage can.

Goals for this next week:

  1.  Finish the printer table
  2. Finish the rug
  3. Move all furniture into place (which includes an awesome old easel, rolling cart, and leather swivel chair which I have been hoarding).

I want to have all of these things done so that I am able to focus on the details.  I have one long built in shelf  that runs the length of the room to style and decorate.  I also have desk tops and blank walls to style and make awesome and functional.  So much to do and so little time!

Check out the other guest ORC design bloggers week 4 progress here.  You can find the invited design bloggers progress here.

ORC Progress:   Week 1   //   Week 2   //  Week 3   //




One Room Challenge Office/Studio: Week 3

I can’t believe it is already week 3 of the ORC!  The final reveal will be here before we know it and I am determined to have a 100% completed office/studio!  I have had so much fun checking out other blogs with room makeovers in the ORC and have definitely found a few that I will continue to follow even after the ORC is over!  So much fun!  You can find the invited design bloggers’ ORC posts here.  And make sure to check out the other invited guest design bloggers here.  Thanks again to Linda from Calling it Home for allowing us guest design bloggers to participate!

I have some exciting projects in the works for my office/studio that I can’t wait to reveal on week 6!  I have been fairly productive this week but I do think I need to step it up a bit to make the deadline.  I have a lot of great ideas, but implementing them is another story, especially with an eight month old getting into everything haha.

This week I revamped a mid century school desk and chair for Nash when he is a little older.  This desk is so special to me and I love including it in my room design.  When my grandma built her new house and moved a few years back she cleaned out her old house and got rid of a lot of things, including this adorable little desk.  My mom couldn’t bear to see it thrown out so she took it.  Several months ago, my mom decided she needed to get rid of it while cleaning out and decluttering her house.  So I inherited the desk!

Here is the desk before (with the seat back already removed).  The wood part is in pretty good shape, the metal parts of the desk and chair had been painted dark brown at some point and the paint was chipping off.



After contemplating a few different options, I decided that the metal just HAD to be spray painted gold.  I am so glad I chose gold because it looks so cute!  The combination of wood and gold looks amazing!  I used my favorite go-to gold spray paint from Design Master, which I purchased from Micheal’s Craft.  Adorable, right?  It looks amazing with the paper ripped off, etc. but I will save that for the final reveal!



I have also been working on a faux roman shade for the odd shaped window in this basement office/studio (see the room here) with this pink and pineapple fabric!  I just couldn’t pass it up when I saw it!  Thank goodness my mom is helping me with the roman shade because it has been a little tricky!  It’s one of those things that can easily be messed up by over thinking it.  Here is a sneak peek of the fabric….. Okay, pineapples are so rad, am I right???


My goal for next week is to paint an area rug to resemble a kilim rug.  I know, I have big aspirations and I am crossing my fingers that it will look as good in real life as it does in my head haha.  Wish me luck!  Thanks for reading and continue to follow along as I progress further each week in this little office/studio!



One Room Challenge Office/Studio: Week 2

I can’t believe another week has past already!  Wow time is flying.  Check out where I started on week 1.  I sat down on the floor in the office today and went through my pile of accessories and pieces that I’m planning on repurpose for this space and it really made me realize how much work and time is going to need to go into this room!  I’m a little nervous but SO excited.  I love to sit down and compare items and furniture and brainstorm ways to create an amazing room.  It really gets my creativity flowing to actually hold items in my hands and visualize everything.  I am loving this process!

So the main thing I did this week was spray paint my old metal desk….. pink!  I picked up this desk for next to nothing from an online classifieds website a while back.  It is a big, deep desk and weighs a TON.  It has been in the office for a while but not necessarily functioning as a desk.  It also barely fit through the doorway into the room, (which is in the basement) so getting it outside to spray paint it was not an option.  I may be crazy…. but I sprayed it inside the house (with all the windows open).  Yikes.

Here is the desk before:

Desk Makeover


Here is the desk prepped for painting:


As you can see above, I covered the floor and wall with paper, I also taped off the top of the desk (which I am leaving the natural wood look), and the legs and drawer pulls.

It worked out pretty well to spray paint the desk inside my house, I did notice a light coating of pink dust on some of the baseboard that wasn’t covered with paper.  But luckily it wiped off!  I will admit, it was pretty risky to spray paint the desk inside the house but I weighed the risks and benefits and decided to go for it!

So, I have been crushing on pale pink for a while now and I immediately knew this was the color I wanted to paint the desk.  I found this lovely pink spray paint at Micheal’s Craft, it’s called “Ballet Slipper”.  It is a perfect pale pink and I love it.  Here is a little sneak peak of the desk.



I have also been working on plans to reconfigure this accent table frame (it used to have a glass top), into a table for my printer.  I want to build a wood top for it and probably spray paint the frame gold.  The printer takes up too much space on top of the desk; I want it out of the way on it’s own table.  I am trying to make this office as functional as possible as well as beautiful!  Which means I need some space to work on top of the desk.  I love using old items to make something new.  I’m all about thrifty over here!



Lastly, here’s a sneak peek of where my design plan is going as far as accessories and colors…  Notice the pale pink tassel on the pillow is the color I painted the desk!  I want to throw in gold accents as well, I mean pale pink and gold… it’s what dreams are made of!  I have so many fun plans for this room, but I don’t want to spoil everything by sharing it now!  So please continue to follow my journey and you will not be disappointed when the room is revealed on week 6!

Check out all the other amazing ORC guest participant’s week 2 progress at Calling it Home.  Here is the link to the invited design bloggers and their amazing spaces.




ORC-one-room-challenge-logo-spring-2016 (1)



4 Tips to Remember While Spring Cleaning



Hey everyone!  So today I’m going to go over 4 tips to remember while Spring cleaning!  Just recently I started into Spring cleaning my house, and wow it is time consuming!  Growing up, my mom always “Spring Cleaned” the house every Spring, which included things like washing walls and windows.  Now that I have a house of my own I’m figuring out what works best for me with my own Spring cleaning and I’ve decided to share 4 tips about Spring cleaning!

4 Tips:

#1:  Ajax is your best friend.  If something needs to be scrubbed off, including hard water on faucets and fridge ice/water machines, Ajax is where it’s at!  That powder is like magic and it’s also like $1.  The cheapest, most effective cleaner out there I swear!  It also did a great job cleaning the underside of our microwave/vent which is above our stove and was a yucky, greasy mess.  I also use Ajax to scrub our tubs, and it works wonders on getting rid of soap residue.   Just toss some of that powder onto a scrubber and go to work!  Shown below are my go-to cleaners for everyday cleaning and Spring cleaning!

  • Lysol bathroom cleaner
  • Windex and Sprayway glass cleaners
  • Ajax!!
  • Pledge for dusting
  • I also use Lysol Kitchen cleaner and 409



#2:  Blinds require special attention.  I have come to the conclusion that just lightly dusting off blinds is not good enough.  I found that the best way to get nice, new looking blinds is to wipe each and every slate, often more than once because dust smears.  I fill a bucket with warm water and little bit of dish soap, get the rag wet in the soapy water, wring it out, and then add some 409 cleaner to the rag.  409 is awesome in getting rid of fingerprints and other grime that you wouldn’t think would be on your blinds.  It’s crazy how dirty blinds actually are once you get up close and really look at them.  Blinds definitely need to be cleaned every Spring, if not more often!  I’m all about practicality while cleaning, so if an old ice cream bucket works then it’s good enough for me!  Haha.  A fancy bucket isn’t going to get those blinds any cleaner!



#3:  Good Smelling Scents are Important.  Whether you prefer candles or scentsy or home fragrance oil (like I do), get those good smells permeating your house!  Spring cleaning gets me excited to de-clutter and change up a space and good smells are necessary to get the feel of a renewed and refreshed space.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE home fragrance oils from Greenleaf!  My very favorite is a scent called “Hope”, it is lovely and the name totally fits it!  A close second is a scent called “Orange and Honey”.  The oil can be put in any warmer, but I prefer the light bulb ring.  It sits right on the light bulb in your lamp.  All you have to do is put several drops of oil in it, turn on the lamp, and pretty soon the house smells so good!  Just use a low 40 watt light bulb to prevent a slight burning smell that I have experienced with a higher watt bulb haha.  Visit Greenleaf’s website to find these amazing oils!



#4:  Don’t stress out if your Spring cleaning takes longer than a day.  I honestly thought I could get my entire house done in one day.  My sweet little sister babysat Nash for 4 hours of the day and I seriously never got out of the kitchen in that 4 hours!  I then finished the cleaning day with Nash at home with me, which was not super productive because he is an 8 month old who doesn’t nap and likes to roll around and get into everything!  So in that day I got the kitchen appliances and cupboards really clean, the blinds and window sills in the kitchen and living room, and the baseboard in the kitchen and living room.  I didn’t want to brush over things really quick and not get things very clean just to get more done.  The quality was more important than the quantity.  This type of cleaning is only done once a year to this extent, so it is a time to be very thorough.


I am planning on getting the entire house done within the next couple weeks.  The main living space of our house is already feeling so much cleaner and fresher!  As a final touch, I cut some lilac sprigs from our yard and put them in a vase on our kitchen table.  It was so nice sitting there in my clean, fresh kitchen with fresh lilac on the table and the scent of the lilac and “Hope” floating through the air.  Perfection!  I hope this inspires you all to Spring clean your house!  I think all of us could use a cleaner house and it just feels SO GOOD.  It is worth all the hard work for sure!